Tel Aviv Landing Pad

The Australian Landing Pad at SOSA, Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Landing Pad is located at South of Salame (SOSA). Founded in 2013 by 25 leading Israeli investors and high-tech entrepreneurs, SOSA brings together startups, entrepreneurs, corporations and investors – all under one roof. This exclusive global network bridges the gap between the supply and demand of corporate innovation. With SOSA’s unique multi-pronged approach to innovation, corporations, investors, and startups in traditionally separate industries interact in new ways.

Occupying four stories of a vintage industrial building in South Tel Aviv, SOSA offers its members a uniquely crafted space, designed to promote interaction, creativity and collaboration.

Tel Aviv is a mature startup ecosystem with many Founders establishing multiple enterprises. Learn more about the different players in the Tel Aviv ecosystem.

“SOSA is run by a very talented team of entrepreneurs that strive to provide ongoing value to their members. Whether it's through specific events, or just spending time working in SOSA's shared space, we are able to meet, work and socialise with the best people from the entire startup community – from entrepreneurs to investors to service providers.”

Australian VC and SOSA member - Square Peg Capital

Tel Aviv Landing Pad Alumni

99starts is a global on-demand conference content platform bringing viewers quality keynote talks.
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CryptoPhoto is a new way for people to log-in to anything. It’s much faster and easier than passwords, but provides ultra-high security.
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Grow Logic
Grow Logic is delivering a new farm management experience to growers and advisors by integrating software, hardware and science.
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kiss* digital media
Our 1stbase platform uses AI to create huge digital marketing footprints for SMBs at the touch of a button.
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Lithodomos VR
Lithodomos VR produces incredible, accurate and realistic recreations of ancient sites for our customers, so that they can provide immersive virtual r ...
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MPAL's mission is to provide artificial intelligence driven business management guidance and tools, with human coaching support to the rapidly growing ...
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myInterview is a recruitment platform that matches candidates with employers through the power of video.
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Working with freelancers shouldn’t be this hard. Speedlancer delivers extraordinary results by expert teams, in as little as 4 hours.
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SWAN Systems
SWAN is a decision-support SaaS for helping irrigators get the most out of every drop of water and fertiliser.
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Theatrix VR
Theatrix VR brings live productions and on-demand experiences to you in virtual reality.
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Who should apply?

The Tel Aviv Landing Pad is the ideal market for early stage Australian entrepreneurs looking to refine their product/service by offering experience and knowledge in the following areas:

  • a ‘Go Global’ mindset - building a global company from day one
  • product validation
  • business model validation
  • highly curated business interactions (entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, potential partners)
  • access to global innovative corporates (everything from tech to mobility, telco, banking, energy, insurance, consumer electronics etc.)
  • a strong global business network.
"The Tel Aviv Landing Pad offers a complete mindset shift in what it takes to be a successful global startup".

Casey Elmer, Marketing Director, Sail


In addition to the Landing Pad program, startups and scaleups have the opportunity to take part in a themed, tailor-made boot camp on subjects ranging from user interface design to pitching to investors. The boot camps are delivered four times a year with only 10 startups or scaleups participating.

Bootcamps Participants

MOVUS provides intelligent sensory-based solutions to heavy asset industries.
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Agrichain (formerly BlockGrain)
BlockGrain is an automated commodity platform which integrates analysis, storage, logistics and trading.
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Agrihive enables farmers to make informed production decisions through enhanced financial visibility.
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Audeamus Risk
Audeamus Risk is the world’s first Business Interruption Insurance trading platform (B2B), designed to minimise uninsured risk.
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Bioproton is a biotechnology company developing and manufacturing high quality animal feed supplements to enable higher quality-end nutrient products.
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Ceres Tag
Ceres Tag smart ear tag is the future of livestock industry data and information now and for the next generation of graziers.
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CP Ventures
CP Ventures is a platform to accelerate startup investment and a venture capital fund.
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CurrencyVue reduces the time and costs for businesses that manage an FX program.
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ditno. makes security simple by providing continuous security across all Servers & Hosts, while using a centralised management portal.
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The platform is a live data integration platform which is used to connect data, systems and APIs.
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A secure supply chain management platform that seamlessly connects growers, grain traders and grain buyers.
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First Rung
Making the Dream of Home Ownership a Reality for Millennials, Worldwide.
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Flash FX puts you in control. Look at past exchange rates. Choose the conversion rate you’d like. Automate your international money transfer.
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Goodments is a highly personalised investment app that matches investors to shares based on their environmental, social and ethical values.
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Hydrox Technologies
A specialist manufacturer of plastic agricultural mulch films. Hydrox was created to commercialise the patented Solar Shrink mulch film technology .
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The world’s first Life Management Platform, giving individuals the ability to capture, store, sync and share their personal data and identity.
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Nexgen Plants
Nexgen is an emerging plant trait company delivering non-GM solutions for a range of pathogens, production traits and consumer traits.
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Phriendly Phishing
Anti-phishing platform – PhriendlyPhishing is uniquely placed, blending technology and training into one platform.
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Lending platform- Sail’s objective is to provide innovative and transparent online business loans to SMEs.
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Scout Aerial Group
Scout Aerial provides a range of aerial Mapping, Monitoring and Media services.
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Simply Wall St
Simply Wall St helps you make informed decisions by giving you access to institutional quality data and analysis presented visually.
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SOSBio is commercialising a range of products ready for deployment to horticulture and broadacre growers, organic farms, and soilless culture greenhou ...
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Spriggy is a prepaid card and mobile app for 8-17 year olds that helps parents and young people manage money together.
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SWAN Systems
SWAN is a decision-support SaaS for helping irrigators get the most out of every drop of water and fertiliser.
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UploadOnce is transforming the financial services landscape by removing the friction in doing business online.
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Valiant Finance
Fintech startup which prides itself in being Australia’s trusted business loan marketplace.
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WaterSave is delivering an affordable, automated farm irrigation solution, which can be monitored from anywhere in the world.
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About Tel Aviv

A leading startup centre

Driven by government policy, Israel’s innovation ecosystem is shaped by a sophisticated network of major global investors, startups and relevant service providers such as expert IP lawyers.

Tel Aviv Infographic - Startups

The Compass Global Startup Ecosystem, which ranks startup ecosystems around the world, ranked Tel Aviv in 2015 as the best startup centre outside of the United States. The Tel Aviv Municipality describes the city as “entrepreneurially-focused and no-nonsense … Tel Aviv packs a perfect ‘innovation ecosystem’ storm: thousands of high-tech companies and startups; leading multinationals; accelerators and co-working spaces; and dozens of networking events."

A magnet for multinationals

There are more than 300 multinationals from various sectors such as fintech, agtech, tech giants, digital, mobility, energy, travel. Companies present in Israel included Google, Facebook, Apple, Singtel, Verizon, Samsung, GE, General Motors, along with a range of global financial leaders.

Strong venture capital network

The Israel Venture Capital Association reports that in 2016, venture capital funds in Israel raised US$10 billion across 104 deals compared to US$4.43 billion in 708 deals in 2015.

Tel Aviv Infographic - Venture Capital

Mature startup ecosystem

Tel Aviv is a mature startup ecosystem with many Founders establishing multiple enterprises. Learn how to become a better Founder by refining your product/service offering and ‘go global’ market strategy as well as obtaining insights from experienced entrepreneurs and the different players in the ecosystem.

Learn more about Tel Aviv by downloading our Infographic

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