Tel Aviv

Audeamus Risk

Audeamus Risk is an Australian InsurTech start-up and the world’s first Resilience Intelligence Platform.  Recently launched Business Interruption Insurance B2B and Societal Security Risk Transfer Exchange (BIAX) is platform’s first module, serving both mainstream and alternative Insurance and Re-Insurance industries through provision of non-modeled data.

With the launch of the BIAX module, our exchange will be able to transact Business Interruption and Recovery information; based on results obtained through certified Business Impact Analysis (BIA), associated telematics and fully implemented Business Continuity Management Plans.

Business Interruption and disruption of various supply chains produces billions of dollars of losses each year, while growing interdependencies of newly emerging technologies and lack of timely translation of data generated by various devices pose a hidden risk to swift recovery. Audeamus Risk aims to reduce the complexity by facilitating more well-informed decision making.

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CEO: Aleksandar Kovacevic