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About CryptoPhoto

CryptoPhoto is a next-generation mutual-authentication and transaction-verification solution built specifically for everyday use by ordinary people. There are 300+billion accounts on the internet. CryptoPhoto suit them all.

Cryptophoto logins are fast and easy, yet still provided comprehensive security.

Cryptophoto neutralises malware, blocks phishing, prevents spoofing and sophisticated man-in-the-middle attacks, mitigates breaches, and protects even unsophisticated and unmotivated users.

CryptoPhoto offers LoA3+ authentication assurance (that’s 2x higher than 2FA!) which does not require user training or education, yet is faster and easier than what most users currently are using. Cryptophoto protects users against the vast array of modern online attacks, our non-repudiation protects you against malicious users, and our architecture protects your systems against server-side break-ins/theft.

Cyrptophoto protection works conveniently for everyone, everywhere (home and abroad, online and offline, desktop and mobile), all the time. Our multi-award-winning implementation scales elegantly and supports strong privacy protection.

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Founder: Chris Drake

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