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Grow Logic

About Grow Logic

Grow Logic is delivering a new farm management experience to growers and advisors by integrating software, hardware, and science to make farms more profitable, plants more productive, whilst reducing risk to the grower, by:

  • Building a strong software foundation to take care of the What, Who, Where and When.
  • Increase farming efficiency so the grower can spend less time in the office and more time in the field.
  • Adding addition tools such as weather forecasting, aerial imaging, chemical, pest & disease libraries.
  • Using predictive analytics to assist growers and advisors in making more informed decisions.
  • Using software to visually communicate the status of the farm, resources, stock, equipment, crop, and the environment.
  • Using state of the art hardware to provide a smarter range of tools to automate data collection, data entry and control.

Grow Logic is founded by Adam Stone. Find more information about the company: