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About myInterview

myInterview ensures employers hire the right person for the job with a customizable one-way video interview solution that brings resumes to life.

Employers gain an insight into the personality of candidates by understanding their thought processes, communication and job specific skills. In the time it takes to conduct one phone screen, 10 candidates can be shortlisted.

myInterview has two core products:

  • A Video Apply Widget that authenticates cover letters by giving candidates the opportunity to pitch themselves for a job in person.
  • A Video Interview product that allows for customization of up to 10 scenario, behavioural and analytical questions for candidates to answer.

myInterview ensures employers only interview candidates that fit their job requirements face-to-face, saving time and recourses. Candidate videos can be reviewed on the myInterview website or integrated with your organisation’s HR solution.

myInterview is working to deliver analytical insights that can only be gleaned from the world’s richest data source, video.

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Founders: Guy Abelsohn, Benjamin Gillman

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