Tel Aviv


Phriendly Phishing was born with the dream of an entirely new approach to phishing education. A way of training staff to protect themselves while in the office - and while at home. A fun, engaging, enjoyable experience without the technical mumbo jumbo that goes along with so many awareness training systems. A way that leaves the students feeling confident and empowered, rather than tricked and untrusted.

This entirely unique training system - coupled with ongoing follow-up phishing emails - explodes staff learning and retention rates, dramatically improving the security posture of your company in as little as 90 days. 

The Phriendly Phishing system provides strong, clear metrics to solidly quantify these improvements.  You can prove to regulators, and the board, that you're investment in Phriendly Phishing is proving your organization an advanced competitive advantage against the cutting-edge spear-phishing attacks that are now mainstream in the corporate world. 

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