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SWAN Systems

About SWAN Systems

SWAN is a decision-support SaaS for helping irrigators get the most out of every drop of water and fertiliser.

The SWAN Systems application is a cloud-based, cost-effective, sophisticated yet practical management tool for the optimal scheduling of water and nutrients. It is technically an “Internet of Things” solution, but is hardware independent, programmed to receive data from a wide and increasing range of devices and brands. It is suitable for use with any irrigated operation, including field crops, horticultural crops and turf. Its reporting functions make it particularly useful when using nutrient-rich water sources such as recycled water. SWAN was developed over several years of consulting to the irrigation sector, and is owned by Indicina P/L (trading as SWAN Systems), which was incorporated in 2016 to commercialise it. The Founding Directors (Tim Hyde, Ivor Gaylard and Rod Campbell) have over eighty years of collective commercial agribusiness experience, while the broader team draws from skilled individuals with extensive tertiary qualifications and deep expertise in science and business disciplines.

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Founders: Tim Hyde, Ivor Gaylard and Rod Campbell