To Asia and Beyond: Medtech Scale-up Goes Global


Zed Technologies is helping transform healthcare in Singapore and beyond with support from the Landing Pads program.

Getting an X-ray or a CT scan traditionally meant leaving the clinic with a large envelope of films and finding somewhere to store them at home, not knowing when or if you would need them again.

Australian company Zed Technologies is changing that with its cloud-based service, which gives patients anytime access to their X-rays, MRIs, scans and ultrasounds through an app.

Sharing medical images using the cloud isn’t new, but what makes Zed Technologies unique is its focus on patients, rather than doctors. The company also works with radiology departments to develop software and workflow solutions that enable them to work faster and more effectively.

Zed Technologies was founded in 2012 by Ross Wright and Ronald Li, who previously worked together in teleradiology, transmitting patient images between Australia and the UK. After getting an X-ray, Wright waited a week to receive the images from a clinic on a CD-ROM. He and Li decided there must be a better way.

In 2014, Zed Technologies participated in Telstra’s muru-D startup accelerator program. When Wright and Li began planning expansion into Southeast Asia, they looked for a program that could make that pathway easier.

‘That was when Austrade and the Landing Pads program came to our attention,’ says Wright.

Landing Pads provide market-ready Australian startups/scaleups with access to some of the world’s most renowned innovation and startup ecosystems.

As part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, Austrade has established five Landing Pads in Berlin, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore and Tel Aviv.

Participants are given an operational base at a Landing Pad for up to 90 days, where they benefit from Austrade’s extensive global network of contacts and tailored business development assistance.

Ronald Li and Ross Wright, Co-founders, Zed Technologies
Ronald Li and Ross Wright, Co-founders, Zed Technologies

Safe landing in Singapore

In February 2017, Zed Technologies arrived on the ground in Singapore.

The Landing Pad is based at BASH (Build Amazing Startups Here), Singapore’s largest integrated startup hub for co-working, networking and events. It’s also home to several accelerators and incubators.

‘Being located at BASH, you’re spending a lot of time with other startups,’ says Wright. ‘A lot of the events and talks are very relevant and they happen regularly, so you’re always learning little bits and pieces as you go.’

Singapore offers unique opportunities for Australian businesses, with its government committed to fostering innovation through funding and support. For Zed Technologies, it was an ideal base for expansion into Asia.

Fast-tracking growth in a new market

According to Wright, Zed Technologies benefited from expert guidance on growing their customer base, introductions to local contacts and entry into key decision-making networks – not to mention a fully paid office space for 90 days.

‘The Landing Pad Manager, Joseph Ziegler, has deep knowledge of the startup, scale-up and investor scene in Singapore and is very well connected in the region,’ says Wright.

‘You could ask him anything – from questions about accommodation right through to him opening his black book and helping connect you with investors and customers. Obviously a warm introduction is a lot better than a cold one.’

One of the biggest benefits for Zed Technologies was the immediate credibility it had in the market by participating in a government selection process.

‘You’re able to say “I’m in Singapore because I’m part of an Australian Government initiative to help promising scale-ups in the region”,’ says Wright. ‘And that automatically tells people that a government organisation has done due diligence on your company and thinks you’re worthy of participating in the program.’

A further benefit was the ability to spend substantial time in the Singapore market and start to understand the intricacies of doing business there.

‘When you’re expanding into a new market, it can be tempting to just want to fly in and fly out,’ says Wright. ‘But being part of the Landing Pads program you commit yourself to 90 days in the market, and I think that commitment to spending time and having availability is very important.’

To Singapore and beyond

The Landing Pad helped pave the way for Zed Technologies’ entry into the Singapore market. In its first week at the Landing Pad, the team won a large Singaporean client. They have also built a solid sales pipeline, forged valuable local connections and hired a Singapore-based business development manager.

‘Our advice to other participants would be to try and get some local staff on the ground as early as possible to provide continuity through the program and out the other end,’ says Wright.

Looking ahead, the company’s focus is on using its new base in Singapore as a launching pad into other Southeast Asian markets, to continue leading the way in cloud delivery of medical imaging.

‘The Landing Pad provided us with a stepping stone into Southeast Asia and the credibility that comes with working with an Australian Government organisation,’ says Wright. ‘If we achieve success, we can certainly say that the Landing Pad was part of that.’