Export masterclass series: digital trade in ASEAN

About the Masterclass series

Austrade, in partnership with DFAT, TIQ/Tradestart, AsiaLink, IP Australia and CCIQ have developed a digital trade masterclass series with a focus on doing business in Southeast Asia.

This seven-part series provides a unique opportunity for Australian businesses to gain a sense of how they can successfully enter and navigate the Southeast Asian region for market development and expansion.

The nations encompassing ASEAN in Southeast Asia comprise the fastest growing internet market in the world. With 125,000 new users coming onto the internet every day, the ASEAN digital economy is projected to grow significantly, adding an estimated $1 trillion to regional GDP over the next ten years.

This masterclass series will equip participants with an understanding of opportunities as well as challenges in digital trade. It will also provide insight on the realities, threats, demands (including cyber threats) and nuances of Southeast Asia’s digital landscape, and enable companies to make sense of the complex regulatory frameworks in the region.

The Masterclass series features speakers such as Dr. Peter Lovelock, Director, Technology Research Project Corporate (an IT and telecommunication based think-tank with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and China), and practitioners from TIQ, IP Australia, DFAT, Asialink, Austrade and Queensland companies Entersoft Security and Creative Enterprise Australia.

The Masterclass series will:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Southeast Asia.
  • Arm you with an even greater appreciation for the role of Digital Trade and the opportunity it presents in Southeast Asia.
  • Deliver useful tools and resources to assist with the development of their export strategy into Southeast Asia.
  • Empower you with the confidence to scale your business to greater heights in the dynamic markets of Southeast Asia.

Featured video

Video 1: Digital Trade in ASEAN (Part 1) - The Regulatory, Policy and Opportunity Landscape

Overview: Discover how cross border data flows across ASEAN, including pitfalls to avoid. Find out how to tap into the digital economy to build resilience for the future and discover what to look out for in regulatory practices across different ASEAN jurisdictions.

Presenter: Dr. Peter Lovelock, CEO of Specialist Technology Research Consultancy TRPC Pte. Ltd.

Explore other videos in the series

Video 2: Digital Trade in ASEAN (Part 2) – Opportunities in ASEAN in Digital Technologies

Overview: Learn about the opportunities, trends and enablers in this fast growing region for Australian digital technology and services companies.

Presenter: Janelle Casey, State Director – Queensland, Austrade 

Video 3: Opportunities in ASEAN (Part 3) - Case study

Overview: Entersoft Security provides insights on how they identified a market need in the Fintech space that enabled them to generate revenue and scale their team while offering a quality service product.

Presenter: Elisa Henderson, Tradestart Adviser, Austrade/TIQ Brisbane | Paul Kang, Co-Founder and Director, Entersoft Security 

Video 4: Opportunities in ASEAN (Part 4) - Case study

Overview: QUT-Creative Enterprise Australia has a mandate to support and connect tech eco-systems between Australia and ASEAN to help leverage Australian businesses scale into the fast-growing ASEAN market.

Presenter: Elisa Henderson, Tradestart Adviser, Austrade/TIQ Brisbane | Mark Gustowski, CEO, QUT Creative Enterprise Australia

Video 5: Australia’s Approach to Digital Trade and International Engagement (Part 5)

Overview: Take a deep dive into key digital trade issues including data flows and localisation, digital trade facilitation, privacy and digital identity. Get an update on new Digital Economy Agreement with Singapore.

Presenter: Nick Williams, Deputy State Director - Queensland, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Video 6: IP Australia (Part 6)

Overview: Learn about IP Australia and get practical tips on how to navigate through the ASEAN intellectual property protection landscape.

Presenter: Skye Reeve, Assistant Director, International Policy and Consideration, and Trade and Policy Projects sections, IP Australia

Video 7: Digital Trade in ASEAN (Part 7) - Panel Session

Facilitator: Emma Wallace, Manager, Partnerships and Development for Queensland, Asialink

Overview: Wrap up on the learnings, insights and tips shared throughout this masterclass series.

Panelist: Sky Reeve, Assistant Director, IP Australia | Dr. Peter Lovelock, CEO of Specialist Technology Research Consultancy TRPC Pte. Ltd.

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