‘It’s okay to fail’: lesson about innovation from Israel

'It's ok to fail': lesson about innovation from Israel

Read the recent article on 9News about what can be learnt from Israel - the startup nation here

More than 30 women leaders from top Australian businesses and universities, as well as from the public sector, visited Tel Aviv last month to learn how a country with fewer than nine million people became a major player in cutting-edge innovation and technology.

It’s the culture of accepting failure and encouraging risk-taking that many Israelis credit for the country’s success in tech and innovation.

Australian government had a range of programs and policies in place to support Australian startups, including its Landing Pads program in Tel Aviv and four other major cities Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore and San Francisco. 

Australian Landing Pad manager in Tel Aviv, Omri Wislizki, said the program ran a “boot camp” for Australian startup founders, to help them expand their businesses globally.

Around 250 Australian companies have participated over the past three years, including 65 in Israel, mostly from the cyber and agri-tech sectors.

“We ask the companies what their vision is, can they show us some traction?,” Mr Wislizki said.

“It can’t just be two people with an idea, we want to see a more evolved company, a more ‘baked’ company with already a working product and some traction.”

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