New government collaboration helps Australian scaleups go global - Landing Pads Fast Track Program

New government collaboration helps Australian scaleups go global

The Australian Government has taken an exciting new step to help Australian scaleups take their business to the world. In January 2019, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) launched a fast-track program to help promising businesses expand into global markets.

Through this collaboration, recipients of an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant will get priority access to Austrade's global Landing Pads program.

Landing Pads are residencies at co-working spaces in overseas cities. The program objective is to foster the connections that help market-ready start-ups and scaleups go global. Participants spend up to 90 days in assigned offices in Berlin, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore and Tel Aviv, learning and growing among some of the most exciting start-ups in the world.

As of January 2019, 206 small Australian companies have completed the Landing Pads program. So far 11 Accelerating Commercialisation Grant recipients have completed the program, two are currently at a Landing Pad and six are waiting to start their residency.

To apply for the Landing Pads Fast Track Program, applicants need to complete an application form via the Landing Pads website and indicate they have already received funding from Accelerating Commercialisation -including when the funding agreement was entered into. Once a company has been accepted, they will undertake a consultation session with a Landing Pad Manager to decide which Landing Pad will best support their goals and the optimal timing to maximise the value of their residency.

The new Landing Pads Fast Track Program is a powerful opportunity for ambitious scaleups looking to expand beyond Australia's borders.

“We are proud of the all companies we have been fortunate enough to support, and look forward to supporting promising companies through access to the Landing Pads Fast Track Program,” says Larry Lopez, Director of Accelerating Commercialisation. “Most of the companies we work with are ‘born global’ and aspire to achieve export revenue in the very short term, so the Landing Pad program is a natural next step for them.”

To help them achieve their global goals, Landing Pad participants receive one-on-one business development support from an onsite Landing Pad Manager. The manager facilitates introductions to potential customers, investors, mentor networks, partners and strategic business opportunities.

Participants can also tap into Austrade's combined strength of 81 offices in 48 markets and extensive international business and investor networks to make contacts outside of the Landing Pads. Once they’ve completed the program, participants receive ongoing Austrade support as they take their next steps.

“Grant recipients have a great opportunity to access support from the Australian Government in taking their business global via the Fast track Program,” says Shelley Jackson, Acting Assistant General Manager, Austrade. “The collaboration will deliver a faster path to commercial outcomes for recipients by introducing and promoting them to international customers and partners within Landing Pad locations and surrounding markets.”

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