San Francisco Landing Pad launches 10th cohort with defence technologies and expanded reach

The San Francisco Landing Pad is entering double digits, welcoming its 10th class of Aussie tech scaleups to the USA. These companies are tackling issues ranging from crop health to drone deployment, and call center intelligence to disaster preparedness using a powerful suite of AI, ML, VR, and microgravity solutions, among others.

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This cohort also includes a first of its kind dual-use technologies stream. Five companies are using the program to launch their dual civilian and defence application technologies into the US. The stream is a partnership between Austrade, the Australian Department of Defence and CSIRO. In addition to the Landing Pad’s signature market-entry services in San Francisco, dual-use participants will complete a tailored module in Washington DC during which they will introduce their products to key defence industry reps on the east coast.

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The cohort will also benefit from the San Francisco Landing Pad’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program. Two EIRs, Mick Liubinskas and Matt Hoey, will act as embedded experts supporting companies throughout the residency. Mick is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker and industry leader based in San Francisco. He has co-founded multiple technology companies and accelerators including Pollenizer, muru-D, and Wooboard. Matt brings more than 15 years of experience working as a national security analyst, dual use technology forecaster, and partnership manager in the private, governmental, academic, and non-profit domains. Matt co-founded the Boston-based startup accelerator Canopy City and is the EIR for the Air Force Accelerator powered by Techstars.

This cohort will also feature new, expanded offerings designed to broaden the reach and impact of the Landing Pad. In recognition of alternative markets outside of San Francisco, Austrade is partnering with Station Houston and The Cannon in Texas to deliver a tailored offering for one participating scaleup, MyPass. MyPass streamlines workforce and compliance management in high risk industries like mining, minerals, oil, and gas. The team’s base in Houston will connect MyPass to key customers while allowing the company to interact with SF-based Aussie participants via virtual programming. Along with Austrade’s partnerships with groups like the City of Denver, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, iCyberCenter@bwtech, City Innovate’s Startup in Residence, 1871 Chicago, and the Capitol Factory in Austin, this reflects the Landing Pad’s ability to tap participants into locations across the US.

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Finally, to support a wider population of fast moving Aussie tech companies, the Landing Pad in San Francisco will provide enhanced hot desk and drop-in programming support at WeWork to eligible ventures when capacity allows. This will allow startups in the market-testing phase to interact with peers and sample programming before making the decision to expand to the States.

As always, it’s an exciting time for Aussie tech in the US and we’re thrilled to officially introduce the newest San Francisco Landing Pad crew!

Chironix (Dual-Use) leverages human-robot synergies to enhance organisational capability. They have developed a back-end technology solution, ‘Beacon’, for Glass for Enterprise, which allows field workers and office personnel to connect and collaborate across sites.

Curious Thing (Dual-Use) is a conversational AI company building digital interviewer solutions. Powered by state-of-the-art Machine Learning and NLP technologies, their vision is to deliver next-generation hiring solutions with true intelligence and scalability. 

Daisee (Deep Artificial Intelligence Software for Enterprise Ecosystems) is bridging the gap between technical AI and commercial application in the fields of vision and voice. Daisee focuses on creating significant value for clients by blending the best human insights with technology and data to create intelligent applications that learn and adapt.

Darzin is an easy-to-use tool that helps governments and companies of all sizes understand, structure and implement great stakeholder engagement processes. Functionalities include up-to-date contact lists; sending out information to stakeholders; capturing feedback from all sources; tracking actions and complaints; and easy reporting.

FluroSat is a data analytics platform for farmers which combines drone and satellite imagery with algorithms to assess plant health, diagnose problems and direct fertilizer application.

GravityFit is a revolutionary science-based system of whole body exercise and rehabilitation. It targets gravity muscles to improve fitness and core strength. The system comprises education and training tools and online apps for assessment, measurement of progress and exercise prescription.

MICEBS (Dual-Use) is a building system designed for Disaster Preparedness and the Humanitarian Response market, providing rapidly deployable infrastructure. It is a modular construction system designed to provide a lean logistical supply package as well an infinitely reconfigurable shelter module.

MyPass Global is a cloud-based solution that streamlines workforce resourcing and compliance management by connecting workers, employers, sites and training providers all in one hub. Specifically developed to handle short-term high-risk and high-compliance workforces, MyPass reduces admin and costs, improves workforce compliance and risk management, streamlines resourcing and onboarding, enables connection and communication with workers, and provides total data transparency.

Opaque Media (Dual-Use) has developed AIVA – a cloud learning platform that allows users to map data from simulations and live training environments against learning outcomes.

Tekuma (Dual-Use) offers a one-handed control interface for drones. Moving away from the traditional two-joystick interface, the one-handed method allows faster task completion and frees up a hand to control peripherals. This saves users time, cost and personnel.

Troly enables wine producers to generate more direct sales with a software-as-a-service technology platform. The company helps wineries become more efficient by automating direct sales, marketing, and customer engagement goals.

Follow their progress over the next three months and feel free to reach out to our SF Landing Pad Manager Gabe Sulkes if you want to learn more about Austrade’s market entry services in the US..