Today sees the release of the latest report in the Australia’s International Business Survey (AIBS) series. Supported by Austrade, the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (Efic) and the Export Council of Australia (ECA) and conducted by AMR Research, AIBS 2018 is the fifth survey in the AIBS series and builds upon the work of its four predecessors to help inform our understanding of Australia’s international business engagement at the firm level.

AIBS is an important source of insight into the activities and opinions of Australia’s internationally active businesses. While much analysis of Australia’s international economic performance takes place at the macro level and focuses on aggregates such as total exports and the trade balance, AIBS provides insights into how individual Australian businesses are adapting to the changing global economy.

Based on online survey work conducted during the first half of 2018, the survey captures the responses of 713 Australian companies (629 internationally active) drawn from 19 industry sectors operating across 92 international markets. It does a particularly good job of representing the views of internationally experienced small and medium-sized enterprises: About 60 per cent of survey respondents had 19 or fewer employees.

This year’s survey covers familiar ground in providing details on the broad range of cross-border activities undertaken by Australian firms, their views on doing business in key markets, their experience with accessing finance for their international operations, and the outlook for future activities including the top target markets for new business over the next two years. In addition, new questions in this year’s survey also look at business engagement with Latin America, and use of technology and e-commerce.

Over the coming days we will make available a selection of interactive graphics illustrating some of the main results from this year’s report. A series of blog posts will also draw out some of the findings of this year’s survey that have caught our attention. Finally, users will be able to download major State, industry, markets and Latin American reports.

AIBS thumbnails_EDM

Download the full AIBS 2018 Report