Trade Winds

07 Apr 2017


  • Divya Skene
  • Trade Winds

This week’s readings cover trends in Australia’s capital flows, and discuss the power of networks and older entrepreneurs in contributing to prosperity.

  • The organisation of international production networks has so far been mostly regional, producing in a given region and selling to consumers in that same region. This is especially the case in Europe but Asia presents a slightly different picture. As Asian integration goes forward, understanding the nature and dynamics of these production networks will be more important: East Asia Forum

  • Asian countries’ transition to high income status will depend on much greater productivity - through improved innovation, human capital, and infrastructure. Asia’s dynamic track record suggests that attaining high income status is achievable: Asian Development Bank on how its members can Transcend the Middle Income Challenge.

  • Net capital inflows have been a consistent feature of Australia's balance of payments, but the composition of inflows and outflows (when Australians invest offshore), has varied substantially over time, as shown in the Reserve Bank’s paper on 'Recent trends in Australia’s capital flows'.

  • Networks can shape how another country sees us, and build our ability to mobilise people when we need them - Knowledge@Wharton on why we need networks.

  • Entrepreneurial success and prosperity has no age limits. The findings of research by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor may constitute disruptive insights into the key economic role of older entrepreneurs, particularly as a source of job creation.