Trade Winds

21 Aug 2017


  • Divya Skene
  • Trade Winds

This week two reports were released highlighting the benefits of inward investment from two large investment sources – US and China. The list of readings also includes a summary of Asialink’s latest research on Australian business’ Asia-capability.

  • The United States Studies Centre argues knowledge and skills transfer that result from US investment into Australia, are described by business as one of the most valuable benefits of the investment relationship with the United States because it enriches the competitiveness and level of skill available in the Australian economy.

  • James Laurenceson argues China is Australia’s most important economic partner - ACRI suggests Chinese investment in Australia may have delivered the biggest employment benefits in recent years.

  • Rowan Callick reports the Asia game still eludes Australia. Asialink has undertaken one of the largest studies of the Asian capability of Australia’s largest public and private companies. The Match Fit report concludes the key to successfully executing an Asian strategy is a virtuous circle of Asian-capable executives, boards who can oversee and assess that strategy and supportive and long-term investors.

  • As globalisation becomes more deeply entrenched, the paucity of consistent global rules will limit equitable solutions to problems such as company tax. Lowy Institute comments on the difficulty of taxing global capital.

  • Department of Industry releases a discussion paper on Australia’s Space Industry Capability.