Trade Winds

05 Sep 2017


  • Divya Skene
  • Trade Winds

This week’s readings focus on artificial intelligence, blockchain, edutech and cryptocurrencies.

  • The Industrial Revolution was about machines enhancing human muscle power, and the AI revolution – which is experiencing a new spring - is about machines enhancing human brain power. VoxEU identifies five strong correlates on the probability for firms to adopt AI at scale.

  • What is blockchain and why should you care – this brief Linkedin blog identifies viable use cases.

  • Brookings Institute on why being an education superpower is about more than international rankings. BBC discusses the Canadian example.

  • VoxEU delves into the world of crypto-currencies – to find the threat of competition from private monies may impose welcome market discipline on any government that issues currency.

  • East Asia Forum: Realisation of the ASEAN Economic Community vision by 2025 will rely on the effectiveness of the new ASEAN Economic Community Council (AECC) in helping member states ‘overcome the ASEAN Way’ of doing business.

  • The United States Studies Centre debates ‘Who is Australia’s most important economic partner?’ – United States or China?

  • Edutech start-ups should demonstrate greater potential to attract international customers. AFR