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The Economics at Austrade team are responsible for analysing the major trends and events in the Australian and international economies that help shape Austrade’s operating environment.

AANZFTA: Where Australia’s history and geography meet

17 Jul 2019 Divya Skene

This year marks the 10th birthday of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA).

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Latin American consumers support growing business engagement

23 Oct 2018 AIBS 2018 Divya Skene

This year’s AIBS survey focussed on a part of the world that is increasingly attractive to our services export earners, Latin America.

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The role of trading technology in Australia’s international business activity

16 Oct 2018 AIBS 2018 Divya Skene

AIBS respondents are experienced exporters, but we have found in two separate surveys that around half of our respondents do not engage in e-commerce.

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Australia’s internationally active businesses well positioned for an integrated ASEAN

8 Oct 2018 AIBS 2018 Divya Skene

One of the main themes picked up by the AIBS platform is the importance of ASEAN to Australia’s internationally-active businesses.

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SME international experience shaped by United States and China

5 Oct 2018 AIBS 2018 Divya Skene

In recent years, a debate around international trade and investment has focused on which of our largest economic partners is the most important to Australia. Two countries put forward regularly in th ...

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