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Insight – The travellers that bring the most value to the visitor economy

20 Jan 2022

As domestic tourism recovers, here are some actions tourism operators can take to recapture and grow their market.

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Insight – Australian wheat and frozen pork exports face increased competition in Vietnam in 2022

18 Jan 2022 Vietnam

On 15 November 2021, the Government of Vietnam issued a decree eliminating or reducing tariffs on some agriculture products.

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Insight – Post-COVID-19 consumer food trends in Asia

7 Jan 2022 China Korea, Rep (South Korea)

COVID-19 has changed the way people buy and consume food. This will have implications for Australian food and agriculture exporters.

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Insight – High global food prices present opportunities for Australian agriculture exporters

4 Jan 2022

Global food prices have risen to their highest level since June 2011. Price rises are being driven by poor growing conditions in some production regions. Steep increases in logistics and fertiliser co ...

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Insight – Singles Day 2021: Lower-tier cities drive sales in another blockbuster year

22 Dec 2021 China

Singles Day 2021 revealed new consumption patterns. Brands must consider their market beyond top-tier cities and consider catering for people of different ages and abilities.

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Insight – Australia’s premium food and beverage impresses in Korea

21 Dec 2021 Korea, Rep (South Korea)

Australia’s premium food and beverage are attracting growing attention in Korea.

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Insight – Australian seafood catches Korean attention

21 Dec 2021

Australian seafood caught the attention of Korean buyers and importers at two major seafood events. Austrade promoted 14 exporters at the events, eight of whom are now in commercial discussions. The e ...

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Insight – Taiwan temporarily reduces tariffs on beef and wheat

20 Dec 2021 Taiwan

Taiwan has temporarily reduced tariffs on beef and wheat from 1 December 2020 to 31 March 2022.

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Insight – Low grain production in North America opens opportunities in Mexico for Australian grain exporters

20 Dec 2021 Mexico

There are opportunities for Australian grain exporters to capitalise on Mexican demand for canola, oats and sorghum.

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Insight – Simplifying wine exports to the UK

20 Dec 2021 United Kingdom

On 25 July 2021, the United Kingdom’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced it will remove the requirement for all wine imports to be accompanied by VI-1 certificates. The UK is ...

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Insight – The impact of Korean revised packaging and recycling requirements on Australian agrifood exporters

15 Dec 2021 Korea, Rep (South Korea)

Korea has introduced revised recycling laws and regulations for packaging that are likely to affect Australian agrifood exporters.

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Insight – Latin America: Market access wins for agricultural commodities

7 Dec 2021 Mexico

Australian exporters are taking advantage of improved market access to export a range of agricultural commodities.

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Insight – A closer look at inbound tourism from Singapore

25 Nov 2021 Singapore

Singapore is one of Australia’s most important tourism markets. This article looks at what tourism from Singapore means for Australia.

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Insight – New trends emerging as China gears up for Singles Day

10 Nov 2021

Brands must prepare early to succeed in China’s 2 biggest shopping festivals, 11.11 and 16.8.

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Insight – Short and medium-term opportunities for vegetable exports to Taiwan

4 Nov 2021 Taiwan

There are good opportunities to export vegetables to Taiwan, due to domestic supply constraints and demand for premium horticultural products.

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Insight – Hatching opportunities for Australian egg and hatchling exporters to Korea

1 Nov 2021 Korea, Rep (South Korea)

Korea is removing import tariffs on eggs until 31 December 2021, opening up opportunities for Australian exporters of fresh table eggs and poultry hatchlings.

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Insight – Korea shows strong appetite for premium Australian produce

1 Nov 2021 Korea, Rep (South Korea)

Korea’s willingness to pay premium prices for high-quality food and agricultural produce offers opportunities for Australian exporters.

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Insight – New opportunities for edible tallow exports to Mexico

26 Oct 2021 Mexico

Australia can now export edible tallow to Mexico, without needing to pay tariffs.

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Insight – Cracking the shell: Australian western rock lobsters ready to roll into Thailand

26 Oct 2021 Thailand

Australia can start exporting western rock lobsters to Thailand after the two countries finalised a new health certificate.

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Insight – Austrade and Tourism Australia: what we do

26 Oct 2021

We often get questions about ‘who is responsible for what’ in the Australian Government when it comes to tourism and the broader visitor economy. This article aims to answer this question.

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