Insight - India continues suspension of quantitative restrictions on imports of mungbeans, pigeon peas and urad (vigna mungo)

7 April 2022

The Indian Government has extended the temporary removal of quantitative restrictions on imports of mungbeans, pigeon pea and urad until 31 March 2023. 

Concerns remain regarding high domestic prices due to unseasonal weather conditions negatively impacting harvest.

This regulatory change is a welcome development for Australia. In 2021, Australia exported $1.97 billion of pulses, of which $124.6 million went to India.

Restrictions were removed temporarily in September 2021. The Government’s objective was to check price rises.

What exporters should do

Producers and exporters should contact Indian importers or Austrade to explore potential opportunities in the Indian pulse market.


The Manual of Importing Country Requirements details the import requirements for exporting to India.

Austrade has additional information about the India market.


India imposes limits on the amount of some agricultural products, such as pulses, that can be imported over a given period. Imports of the product are prohibited once the limit has been reached.