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Insight – Opportunity for Australian barley to Costa Rica

19 May 2022 Costa Rica

Australia has been granted market access for barley to Costa Rica, opening up opportunities for Australian exporters.

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Insight – High food prices drive rise in export restrictions

19 May 2022

Countries around the world are introducing food export restrictions in response to global events.

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Insight – US to temporarily reduce regulatory barriers for infant formula imports

18 May 2022 United States of America

The US FDA is intending to temporarily reduce regulatory requirements for infant formula imports.

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Insight – Increased competition for Australian agricultural exports in Japan

12 May 2022 Japan

New free trade agreements (FTAs) are reducing Australia’s tariff rate advantage for some agricultural products in Japan (ABARES 2022).

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Insight – Coffee’s growing popularity in China brews export opportunities

12 May 2022 China

China’s increasingly urbanised and affluent population is drinking more coffee than ever before. From 2018–19 to 2020–21, coffee consumption in China increased by 140% (Source: USDA 2022).

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Insight – Opportunities for Australian malt exports as Colombia temporarily reduces tariffs

4 May 2022 Colombia

Colombia has temporarily reduced tariffs on 182 goods, including agricultural goods, creating opportunities for Australian exporters.

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Insight – USDA launches the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities initiative

4 May 2022 United States of America

The USDA has announced a US$1 billion program to finance pilot projects that assist producers and landowners.

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Insight – Austrade and Tourism Australia: what we do

22 Apr 2022

We often get questions about ‘who is responsible for what’ in the Australian Government when it comes to tourism and the broader visitor economy. This article aims to answer this question.

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Insight – The impact of record high vegetable oil prices on global trade

12 Apr 2022

Prices for vegetable oil are increasing worldwide. This has implications for Australian exports.

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Insight - India continues suspension of quantitative restrictions on imports of mungbeans, pigeon peas and urad (vigna mungo)

7 Apr 2022 India

The Indian Government has extended the temporary removal of quantitative restrictions on imports of mungbeans, pigeon pea and urad until 31 March 2023.

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Insight – Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement boosts agricultural, fisheries and forestry exports

5 Apr 2022 Peru

The Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA) entered into force on 11 February 2020.

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Insight – Women’s Day a boost for beauty goods in China – but watch for sensitivities

31 Mar 2022 China

Women’s Day and other name days in the Chinese calendar are opportunities to boost exports, but Australian companies should beware of sensitivities.

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Insight – Helping the visitor economy to THRIVE

28 Mar 2022

The Government’s strategy for the long-term growth of Australia’s visitor economy, THRIVE 2030, has been launched.

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Insight – Farm, food costs rise due to higher energy prices

4 Mar 2022

Higher energy prices are leading to a rise in farm and food costs.

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Insight – Impact of Argentinian wheat and maize export restrictions

2 Mar 2022 Argentina

On 17 December 2021, the Argentinian Government introduced variable export quotas for wheat and maize. These quotas are the latest in a series of measures intended to reduce Argentina’s rising domesti ...

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Insight – Taiwan temporarily improves import conditions for multiple commodities

28 Feb 2022 Taiwan

Taiwan has temporarily reduced tariffs on certain dairy products. It has also reduced the business tax payable on certain commodities until 30 April.

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Insight – Australian peaches and nectarines on the menu for Vietnam’s affluent consumers

24 Feb 2022 Vietnam

Australian peaches and nectarines have gained market access to Vietnam in a win for Australian exporters.

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Insight – Export opportunities increase as India reduces tariff on lentils

22 Feb 2022 India

On 13 February 2022, India reduced the tariff on lentils to nil until 30 September 2022 for all countries except the United States. Lentils from the United States will still be subject to a 33% tariff ...

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Insight – High-value food products to drive food demand in Indonesia

18 Feb 2022 Indonesia

Indonesia is expected to increase its consumption of higher-value food over the coming decades, opening opportunities for Australian agribusiness exporters.

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Insight – China 2021 wrap: e-commerce and consumer insights in beauty, skincare, dairy & supplements

14 Feb 2022 China

Insights into China’s beauty, skincare, dairy and supplements markets for e-commerce exporters

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