Australian Public Service Employee Census 2022

Highlights Report — Austrade



This report gives highlights from the Australian Public Service Employee Census for 2022.

This year, 89% of Austrade staff completed the survey (1194 of 1348 people). This is a new record for Austrade.

Census results cover:

  • employee engagement
  • leadership
  • communication and change
  • workplace conditions
  • inclusion
  • innovation
  • wellbeing
  • performance
  • retention
  • unacceptable behaviour
  • demographics

Key findings

Our staff continue to express a strong commitment to Austrade and belief in our mission and purpose. Of those who responded:

  • 95% felt Austrade has a diverse and inclusive culture
  • 93% were happy to go the extra mile at work when required
  • 83% were proud to work at Austrade.

Most staff expressed positive views about:

  • Austrade
  • their immediate supervisor
  • workplace conditions
  • health and wellbeing policies
  • inclusion.

Areas for further improvement remain:

  • manageable workload
  • planned and consultative change management
  • effective communication across teams.