China Healthcare Market: An Introduction 



This report gives an overview of the healthcare market in China.

Topics include:

  • an overview of China’s healthcare system
  • health policies in China
  • medical insurance in China
  • processes for selling products and services to public hospitals
  • trends and opportunities
  • market entry strategies.

Trends and opportunities

Trends in China’s healthcare market present strong opportunities for Australian healthcare companies. Trends include:

  • a strong drive for more cost-effectiveness in all healthcare-delivery systems
  • a big push to optimise delivery systems
  • more spending on aged care and chronic disease management and prevention
  • more need for ways to monitor and manage the spread of diseases, such as fast diagnostic solutions.

Other opportunities for Australian healthcare companies include:

  • wearables and health monitoring
  • telemedicine
  • robotics
  • artificial intelligence
  • additive manufacturing
  • companion diagnostics
  • new materials sectors.

About this report

We commissioned this report from Intralink. Intralink is an international business development and innovation consultancy that specialises in East Asia.

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