Transcript: Incat Crowther Case Study


Brett Crowther: Incat Crowther is a company that designs vessels for oil and gas, some defence. Our head office is here in Sydney, Australia. We have an office in Louisiana in the United States and a small office in the UK.

Our expertise is in the design of fast passenger ferries, catamarans and also in fast offshore vessels, so vessels that will take people and equipment to offshore platforms.

Designing a boat is very much a team effort. We start from a client brief. The vessel will have a specific task, be it a passenger ferry or to transport equipment offshore, we start with a concept and then we’ll develop a technical drawing reflecting that concept.

We’re market leaders in terms of the motions of our vessels offshore. We make a very strong effort to produce aesthetically pleasing vessels. For the tourism business we spend a lot of time on the external aesthetics, so a term we use is dock appeal. If you turn up on the dock and there’s a really good looking product there, then you’re more likely to want to go on it.

We’re responsive, we’re a service business. So you couple all those things together, that gives us the result that we’re seeing.

In terms of export we’re looking at about 79% export and even the vessels that are built here in Australia, a large number of those are also exported as completed vessels.

The export market for us is critical to this business. If we weren’t exporting we wouldn’t see a business anywhere near the scale of what we have. I think over the last five years we’ve averaged about 40% growth.

Incat Crowther was very pleased to win the 2016 Award in the category of Business Services. It’s been a huge boost to this business, both in terms of staff morale and also in terms of validation for all the hard work and effort we’ve put in to building a really successful export business.