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  1. search file icon1. Australian Disruptive Technologies Industry Capability Report - Publications    Australian Disruptive Technologies Industry Capability Report  - Last Modified 3 Nov 2017
  2. search file icon2. Defence and Security - Defence and security    Australian defence industry companies have a proud history of delivering cutting-edge capability solutions on time and within budget for military operations both at home and overseas.  - Last Modified 14 Dec 2021
  3. search file icon3. Information Communications Technology (ICT) - ICT    Australia’s ICT market is worth nearly A$100 billion and has a significant research infrastructure, highly skilled and experienced workforce, and technology-hungry, solutions-driven customer base makes Australia a strategic location for a range of ICT activities with a global and regional focus.  - Last Modified 27 Feb 2020
  4. search file icon4. Digital technologies     Australia’s fast-growing and highly advanced digital economy, supported by a skilled information and communication technologies (ICT) workforce and world-class research and development (R&D) facilities, offers compelling investment opportunities.  - Last Modified 23 Dec 2021
  5. search file icon5. Contact Us  - Digital Health    Contact us  - Last Modified 16 May 2019
  6. search file icon6. Useful links and resources - Digital Health    This list of useful resources has been created to help address frequently asked questions. Please note it is not intended to be exhaustive.  - Last Modified 16 May 2019
  7. search file icon7. Useful links and resources - Ag 4.0    This list of useful resources has been created to help address frequently asked questions. Please note it is not intended to be exhaustive.  - Last Modified 6 Apr 2021
  8. search file icon8. Asia Fruit Logistica 2022​  - Bangkok, Thailand    Expressions of interest are now open for Australian companies interested in joining the "friends of the Australia Pavilion" network at Asia Fruit Logistica in Bangkok from 2-4 November 2022. Asia Fruit Logistica (AFL) is Asia’s largest trade show for fresh produce covering the entire fresh produce industry value chain and its service support companies.  - Last Modified 5 Aug 2022
  9. search file icon9. Enter and Scale: San Francisco Landing Pad Summer 2022 - San Francisco, United States Of America    Landing Pads are part of Austrade's global service offer for Australian scaleups. The program provides market-ready scaleups with an operational base and customised support for their overseas expansion goals.  - Last Modified 31 May 2022
  10. search file icon10. Australian Consulate in Prague - Kancelář Austrade Česká republika    The Australian Consulate in Prague provides consular and passport services for Australians in the Czech Republic.  - Last Modified 12 Aug 2022
  11. search file icon11. Malaysian private education group seeks partnership with an Australian university  - Opportunities    A Malaysian private education group seeks to partner with Australian universities for programs in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, IoT and commerce, and other related disciplines.  - Last Modified 13 Aug 2019 MIP subscriber content
  12. search file icon12. Australian speakers invited to address agri-food forum in Mexico - Opportunities    Expressions of interest are being sought for Australian speakers to address the Global Agri-Food Forum 2018 on a variety of topics including innovation, the digital revolution and technology in food and agribusiness. Australian agricultural produce and technology are gaining credibility with the Mexican sector, leading to research and innovation opportunities for Australian research institutes and business.  - Last Modified 12 Jul 2018 MIP subscriber content
  13. search file icon13. Vietnam university seeks Australian partner for delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate programs - Opportunities    A well-known university in the north of Vietnam is seeking collaboration with an Australian university to deliver articulated and/or franchised programs in banking and finance, business management, public finance and public management in English.  - Last Modified 26 Jun 2018 MIP subscriber content
  14. search file icon14. Hanoi-based vocational engineering college seeking Australian partners - Opportunities    A Hanoi-based vocational engineering college is seeking Australian partners to co-deliver vocational courses and to train trainers in professional and English skills.  - Last Modified 15 Jun 2018 MIP subscriber content
  15. search file icon15. US college application platform seeks Australian universities to join - Opportunities    The Common Application is an undergraduate college application platform that attracts applications from nearly two million students in the US and around the world annually, to apply to its more than 750 member institutions in the US and 18 other countries. Few Australian universities are currently listed on the application, and The Common Application is keen to expand Australia’s presence.  - Last Modified 15 Jun 2018 MIP subscriber content
  16. search file icon16. Results from survey of Japanese alumni of Australian institutions - Market insights    Austrade Japan recently conducted a survey of 33 Japanese alumni of Australian institutions, including full degree students and one-year exchange/study abroad students. The voices of alumni may reinforce the marketing message “why Australia” to prospective Japanese students.  - Last Modified 15 Jun 2018 MIP subscriber content
  17. search file icon17. 【Event Report】Australian Education Alumni Networking Event in Osaka - 過去のニュース    【イベントレポート】オーストラリア同窓会 in 大阪  - Last Modified 15 Jun 2018
  18. search file icon18. Private college seeks Australian Year 12 curriculum provider  - Opportunities    A private college in Malaysia is seeking to deliver an Australian Year 12 curriculum to its students in country. The college currently has 300 students on campus and is aiming to deliver the Australian Year 12 curriculum in February 2019.  - Last Modified 7 Jun 2018 MIP subscriber content
  19. search file icon19. Australian Education Alumni Networking Event in Osaka - 過去のイベント    Australian Education Alumni Networking Event in Osaka  - Last Modified 28 Feb 2019
  20. search file icon20. Australian experts sought for international meeting on innovative education in Argentina - Opportunities    Organisers of an international meeting on innovative education invite Australian experts in inverted of flipped classrooms, home-schooling, and online courses or edtech.  - Last Modified 6 Jun 2018 MIP subscriber content
  21. search file icon21. IT provider in Vietnam seeks Australian partners for online STEM courseware for school students - Opportunities    A well-known IT company in Vietnam is seeking Australian partners to collaborate on providing STEM online courseware to Vietnamese secondary school students.  - Last Modified 22 May 2018 MIP subscriber content
  22. search file icon22. ASEAN for Australian exporters - ASEAN    ASEAN has many opportunities for Australian exporters and is one of Australia's top three trading partners, representing around 15 per cent of our total trade.  - Last Modified 23 Jul 2021
  23. search file icon23. Thai university seeks Australian partners for Aviation curriculum development - Opportunities    An international college within a Thai university is seeking an Australian partner to develop curriculum for aviation flight operations (cabin crew) and aviation (ground operation and service) to integrate into their four-year bachelor degree in Aviation Business Management.  - Last Modified 17 May 2018 MIP subscriber content
  24. search file icon24. Australian Education Alumni Networking Event in Fukuoka - 過去のイベント    Australian Education Alumni Networking Event in Fukuoka  - Last Modified 28 Feb 2019
  25. search file icon25. Vietnamese airline seeks Australian provider to deliver credit subjects for Master degree - Opportunities    A Vietnam-based airline is seeking an Australian higher education provider to deliver Australian credit subjects towards a Master degree in Aviation Management, in either Australia or Vietnam.  - Last Modified 10 May 2018 MIP subscriber content