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  1. search file icon26. ASEAN for Australian exporters - ASEAN    ASEAN has many opportunities for Australian exporters and is one of Australia's top three trading partners, representing around 15 per cent of our total trade.  - Last Modified 23 Jul 2021
  2. search file icon27. Thai university seeks Australian partners for Aviation curriculum development - Opportunities    An international college within a Thai university is seeking an Australian partner to develop curriculum for aviation flight operations (cabin crew) and aviation (ground operation and service) to integrate into their four-year bachelor degree in Aviation Business Management.  - Last Modified 17 May 2018 MIP subscriber content
  3. search file icon28. Australian Education Alumni Networking Event in Fukuoka - 過去のイベント    Australian Education Alumni Networking Event in Fukuoka  - Last Modified 28 Feb 2019
  4. search file icon29. Vietnamese airline seeks Australian provider to deliver credit subjects for Master degree - Opportunities    A Vietnam-based airline is seeking an Australian higher education provider to deliver Australian credit subjects towards a Master degree in Aviation Management, in either Australia or Vietnam.  - Last Modified 10 May 2018 MIP subscriber content
  5. search file icon30. Nominations open for the 2018 Australian Alumni Awards in Thailand - Opportunities    Australian education providers are invited to submit their nominations for the Thai Australian Alumni Awards 2018. This is an opportunity raise the profile of your education institution in Thailand, a leading source of international students coming to Australia.  - Last Modified 10 May 2018 MIP subscriber content
  6. search file icon31. Indian media house seeks Australian partner to train senior journalists - Opportunities    A well-known media house in India is looking for Australian training providers to train their senior journalists in areas such as anchoring, managing their own celebrity status, and mentoring budding journalists in order to build and maintain a pipeline of future leaders.  - Last Modified 7 May 2018 MIP subscriber content
  7. search file icon32. Mongolian university seeks Australian partners for professional teaching programs - Opportunities    A leading public higher education provider in Mongolia is seeking Australian academic partners that offer teaching programs. This is a unique opportunity for an Australian education institution to partner with a Mongolian public university to share their experience in preparing teachers.  - Last Modified 26 Apr 2018 MIP subscriber content
  8. search file icon33. Vietnamese aviation organisation seeks Australian ELICOS institute for executive training - Opportunities    A Vietnam-based aviation organisation is seeking an Australian training institute to deliver an English for Communications course for its executive staff in Australia.  - Last Modified 26 Apr 2018 MIP subscriber content
  9. search file icon34. Australian school sought for Thai study tour in October 2018 - Opportunities    An education agency in Bangkok is seeking expressions of interest from Australian secondary schools to offer an 18 day study tour program for secondary school students in October 2018.  - Last Modified 23 Apr 2018 MIP subscriber content
  10. search file icon35. Graduate employability survey increases pressure for Australian transnational education in Singapore - Market insights    The Graduate Employability Survey findings, released by the Singapore Committee for Private Education earlier this month, highlights the growing focus on student outcomes and employability. The results place a spotlight on the increasing pressures by the Singaporean Government for offshore programs delivered in-market to be aligned to Singapore’s skills needs.  - Last Modified 16 Apr 2018 MIP subscriber content
  11. search file icon36. South Asian hospital chain seeks Australian collaboration for upskilling and training in healthcare - Opportunities    A well-known private sector healthcare provider is seeking potential collaborative opportunities with Australian institutions in the areas of critical care, emergency medicine, ambulance services and operation theatre nursing. The collaboration would cover training, Australian accreditation, curriculum development and content delivery.  - Last Modified 9 Apr 2018 MIP subscriber content
  12. search file icon37. Taiwan incubator seeking Australian startups - Opportunities    Australian technology startups are invited to apply for the Garage+ Startup Global Program, a not-for-profit incubator in Taiwan.  - Last Modified 9 Mar 2018 MIP subscriber content
  13. search file icon38. ASEAN NOW - Australian Honey Products - Transcripts    Transcript: ASEAN NOW - Australian Honey Products  - Last Modified 16 Feb 2018
  14. search file icon39. Indian institute seeks Australian providers to develop pathway programs in nursing - Opportunities    A well-known post-registration nursing education provider in India is seeking Australian institute partners to develop pathway programs for its nursing students.  - Last Modified 5 Feb 2018 MIP subscriber content
  15. search file icon40. Taiwan university seeks Australian partner in postgraduate business articulation - Opportunities    A well-known university in Taipei is seeking an Australian partner in postgraduate business articulation to offer its students direct entry into Australian postgraduate programs.  - Last Modified 29 Jan 2018 MIP subscriber content
  16. search file icon41. Opportunities for Australian edtech organisations with US incubator - Opportunities    The education-focused incubator of a US university has a virtual membership option for Australian edtech start-ups looking to learn more about the US edtech market.  - Last Modified 16 Feb 2018 MIP subscriber content
  17. search file icon42. Vocational college in Vietnam seeking Australian partner to co-deliver diploma of nursing - Opportunities    A vocational college in the central highland of Vietnam is seeking an Australian partner to co-deliver a diploma of nursing program.  - Last Modified 12 Jan 2018 MIP subscriber content
  18. search file icon43. University in Shandong seeks wide-ranging partnership with Australian universities - Opportunities    A member university of a Chinese education association is seeking interest from Australian univeristies on a wide range of collaborative interests.  - Last Modified 12 Jan 2018 MIP subscriber content
  19. search file icon44. Commercial developer in India seeks alliance with Australian VET providers - Opportunities    A well-known commercial real estate developer is seeking alliance with Australian VET providers in the construction, hospitality and retail sectors. The organisation would like to explore collaboration with skills training providers in order to impart globally recognised skill-based training.  - Last Modified 16 Feb 2018 MIP subscriber content
  20. search file icon45. Polytechnic in Canada seeks Australian providers for student articulation - Opportunities    A well-known Canadian polytechnic is seeking to develop connections with Australian universities or VET providers for student articulation.  - Last Modified 5 Jan 2018 MIP subscriber content
  21. search file icon46. Private school in Indonesia seeks Australian university partner - Opportunities    A private school in Indonesia, owned by a business conglomerate, is looking for a partner in Australia to assist with academic curriculum development, supply teaching staff, and work towards the establishment of foundation studies programs.  - Last Modified 4 Dec 2017 MIP subscriber content
  22. search file icon47. Vietnam high school seeking Australian partner to co-deliver high school certificate - Opportunities    A high school in Hanoi is seeking an Australian partner to co-deliver a high school certificate. Graduates would have the option of certificates from both Vietnam and Australia.  - Last Modified 9 Nov 2017 MIP subscriber content
  23. search file icon48. Brazilian VET network seeking educational exchanges with Australian institutions - Opportunities    A large network of technical schools in Brazil has launched the first short-term course in English for foreign students. Australian institutions are encouraged to promote this course to their students to foster cross-cultural understanding and educational exchanges between both countries.  - Last Modified 9 Nov 2017 MIP subscriber content
  24. search file icon49. Market trends from Taiwan’s Australian Education Festival - Market insights    Leveraging the Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibition, Austrade Taiwan held a six-day ‘Australian Education Festival’ from 27 September to 2 October to position Australian education and training to not just students and families, but key decision makers in Taiwan. The activities revealed some key insights on new education trends in the Taiwan market.  - Last Modified 9 Nov 2017 MIP subscriber content
  25. search file icon50. Cisco - There is no doubt that the Australian economy is embracing digitisation faster than anywhere else in the world.  - Case studies    Today, Cisco earns more than A$60 billion in revenue a year, with around 70,000 employees working in more than 165 countries and 480 sites doing business across the world. While many technology companies seek to transform certain businesses, Cisco investments in Australia clearly demonstrate how it is working to also transform cities and governments around the world.  - Last Modified 16 Feb 2018