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  1. search file icon51. My Australian company is seeking investment from overseas - FAQs    Austrade's investment priorities are determined in consultation with state and territory governments and focused on productive foreign direct investment (FDI) outcomes of strategic importance to the Australian economy, build capability and enhance productivity.  - Last Modified 9 Aug 2019
  2. search file icon52. Thai university seeks Australian partners for international PhD program in design arts - Opportunities    The Faculty of Decorative Arts of a Thai public university is seeking an Australian partner to develop a joint PhD in design arts as part of their international program.  - Last Modified 23 Oct 2017 MIP subscriber content
  3. search file icon53. US multidisciplinary research institute seeks Australian partners for collaboration on resilience related initiatives - Opportunities    A well-known US university’s research institute is seeking Australian expertise to round out its Global Research Network.  - Last Modified 24 Oct 2017 MIP subscriber content
  4. search file icon54. Citi - We bring Australian talent back to Australia.  - Case studies    The global network that the New York-based Citi has is critical for its Australian clients. The firm started moving outside the United States more than a century ago and now operates in 100 countries, with a consumer presence in 19 markets around the world. Being the most international bank in the world, it can bring its network to bear for its Australian clients throughout all its product offerings.  - Last Modified 15 Feb 2018
  5. search file icon55. Demand for an Australian education continues to rise in Mongolia - Market insights    Recent activities in-market have re-affirmed the appetite of Mongolian students to study in Australia, with a 40 per cent increase in student enrolments from 2016. Recent large investments and heightened levels of economic activity is increasing demand for skilled, Western-educated Mongolian professionals to work in government, the private sector and for foreign investors operating in Mongolia. Results of an Austrade social media campaign in Mongolia provide learnings on education levels and study areas of interest.  - Last Modified 18 Oct 2017 MIP subscriber content
  6. search file icon56. Australian delegation seeking opportunities in Mexico’s resources sector - Market insights    Senior representatives from a delegation of Australian organisations joined Hon Steven Ciobo MP, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, in early October to identify potential education and research opportunities attached to the extensive reform of Mexico’s energy sector.  - Last Modified 16 Oct 2017 MIP subscriber content
  7. search file icon57. TMC | Australian BioBridge - Industries    The BioBridge Initiative is a partnership between Australia and the Texas Medical Centre (TMC) in Houston, USA. The aim is to create a two way flow of capital and resources, through collaborations in research, clinical trials and commercialisation.  - Last Modified 10 Jun 2022
  8. search file icon58. Pakistan continues to show strong interest in Australian education - Market insights    Pakistan is a growing market for foreign education providers and continues to see substantial demand from students, parents and employers for quality higher education, with a commensurate willingness and capacity to pay appropriate fees.  - Last Modified 29 Sep 2017 MIP subscriber content
  9. search file icon59. Singaporean institute seeks Australian partner to deliver TESOL course - Opportunities    A Singapore-based English training centre is seeking a Certificate IV in TESOL qualification from a TAFE college or Australian university to be offered in Singapore, or delivered overseas through the Singapore office.  - Last Modified 21 Sep 2017 MIP subscriber content
  10. search file icon60. Australian resources power Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power Company - Case studies    The investment of Japanese energy companies such as Kyushu Electric in Australian coal and liquefied natural gas (LNG) has helped create communities, support employees and generate billions of dollars in export income for Australia.  - Last Modified 9 Feb 2018
  11. search file icon61. Polish gas industry leader seeking Australian R&D collaboration - Opportunities    A large Polish gas transmission system operator is seeking collaboration with Australian R&D institutions on projects in the area of liquid natural gas, compressed natural gas, waste heat recovery and cold energy recovery.  - Last Modified 1 Sep 2017 MIP subscriber content
  12. search file icon62. Key university in Heilongjiang province seeks Australian partners for student exchange and internships - Opportunities    A key Chinese university in Heilongjiang province is seeking Australian university partners for student exchange at the undergraduate or graduate level. Study areas of interest include accounting, education, translation, management and other suitable majors. The university is also interested in discussing internship opportunities across various disciplines.  - Last Modified 1 Sep 2017 MIP subscriber content
  13. search file icon63. Nominate your alumni for the Malaysian Australian Alumni Awards 2017 - Opportunities    Australian institutions are invited to submit their nominations for the Malaysian Australian Alumni Awards 2017. Annually, outstanding Malaysian graduates of Australian institutions are recognised at the Australian Alumni Gala Dinner organised by the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council, in the presence of more than 400 corporate sponsors, Australian alumni, and guests.  - Last Modified 4 Sep 2017 MIP subscriber content
  14. search file icon64. US university seeking Australian partner for cybersecurity collaboration - Opportunities    One of the top institutions for cybersecurity education in the US is seeking expressions of interest for collaboration partnerships in this field with an Australian university.  - Last Modified 28 Aug 2017 MIP subscriber content
  15. search file icon65. Positive changes in Ecuador’s economy and national government allow opportunities for Australian education - Market insights    As Ecuador transitions from its reliance on petroleum to mining, training opportunities at a technical and higher education level are opening up. The arrival of Australian mining firms and the new Moreno Government make it timely to showcase Australian education and skills development capabilities, with the Australia-Ecuador Business Summit taking place in October.  - Last Modified 28 Aug 2017 MIP subscriber content
  16. search file icon66. Chinese business school seeking Australian university partners for China module - Opportunities    A Chinese graduate school is seeking expressions of interest from Australian business schools for collaboration with its China module program, including teacher training, student exchange, study tours and curriculum cooperation.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2017 MIP subscriber content
  17. search file icon67. Japanese graduate school seeks Australian partners in indigenous studies - Opportunities    Expressions of interest from Australian graduate schools in indigenous studies are sought for a collaboration with a Japanese graduate school planned to be established in April 2019. Possible collaboration includes Japanese students studying in Australia, inviting Australian lecturers to Japan and indigenous art promotion in Japan.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2017 MIP subscriber content
  18. search file icon68. US university seeks Australian partner for collaboration in agricultural research and technologies - Opportunities    A large public university in the US is seeking Australian university partners for collaboration on agriculture research, including horticulture disease resistance, sustainability and big data.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2017 MIP subscriber content
  19. search file icon69. US research centre seeks Australian university partner for collaboration in infrastructure asset management - Opportunities    US research centre seeks Australian university partner for collaboration in infrastructure asset management.  - Last Modified 31 Jul 2017 MIP subscriber content
  20. search file icon70. US university seeks Australian partners for wind energy collaboration - Opportunities    A leading US university is seeking expressions of interest for collaboration partnerships in wind energy research, including participation in a consortium of US and international wind energy research institutions.  - Last Modified 31 Jul 2017 MIP subscriber content
  21. search file icon71. Promoting young, Australian talent on a global stage - Case studies    Sony has significant and diverse interests in Australia. Over the past 40-plus years, the company has brought generations of consumer electronics to the country, taken the bright young stars of Australia’s entertainment industry to a global audience, and invested in award-winning Australian television production companies. Sony is also a local manufacturer, financial services provider and philanthropist.  - Last Modified 9 Feb 2018
  22. search file icon72. Melbourne R&D investment ignites Australian exports of solar-powered heaters - Case studies    Rinnai is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of domestic hot water, heating and cooling appliances, many of which are partly or wholly manufactured in the country.  - Last Modified 9 Feb 2018
  23. search file icon73. Nippon Steel: Welding Australian iron and coal into Japan’s mighty metal industries - Case studies    Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) has been a principal player in the enduring partnership of Australian resources and Japanese industry.  - Last Modified 9 Feb 2018
  24. search file icon74. Japanese brewer Kirin takes Australian craft beer into Asian markets - Case studies    When Tokyo-based Kirin purchased brewer Lion Nathan in 2009, few people anticipated the craft beer revolution about to sweep Australia. Eight years later – and having invested more than A$8 billion – Kirin is powering that revolution, helping niche beer brands to grow and supporting a new wave of Australian exports.  - Last Modified 9 Feb 2018
  25. search file icon75. Hitachi forges new prospects for Australian heavy engineering - Case studies    Hitachi has been active in Australia for over 60 years, adding manufacturing and technology services to its sales network.  - Last Modified 9 Feb 2018