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  1. search file icon76. Australian education technology capability report - Reports    Australia leads the way with education technology solutions for policy makers and governments, education providers and employers, learners and investors. This report discusses why Australia is a highly regarded supplier of edtech and the innovative solutions that Australian edtech companies offer. It also discusses why Australia is an ideal location for edtech investment.  - Last Modified 24 Jul 2017 MIP subscribers only
  2. search file icon77. Polish medical technology alliance seeks Australian research partners - Opportunities    A medical technology alliance based in southern Poland is looking for an Australian partner to work on research projects in oncology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology and medical engineering. An alliance representative will visit Australia in July/August 2017 and hopes to meet with potential partners.  - Last Modified 23 Jun 2017 MIP subscriber content
  3. search file icon78. Argentine university seeking Australian partners - Opportunities    One of Argentina’s most prestigious private universities is seeking Australian university partners. The nature of the partnership is open and could include academic and student exchange, delivery of joint courses, postgraduate joint programs, and online education.  - Last Modified 16 Jun 2017 MIP subscriber content
  4. search file icon79. ‘Truly Aussie’ Year of Australian Lifestyle in Indonesia - Market insights    Australia as a ‘Lifestyle Superpower’ is the focus of the Australian Embassy in Indonesia 2017 year-long public diplomacy campaign, Year of Australian Lifestyle in Indonesia. The campaign, which uses the hashtag #AussieBanget or ‘Truly Aussie’, kicked off on 31 January with ‘film’ as the first of the year’s monthly themes. The campaign will also highlight Australia’s education sector.  - Last Modified 20 Jun 2017 MIP subscriber content
  5. search file icon80. Singaporean polytechnics interested in Australian partners for work-integrated learning - Market insights    Singapore’s public polytechnics have expressed interest in increasing the number of overseas work-integrated learning opportunities (internships or projects) for their second and final year students, by partnering with Australian education institutions. Earlier this month, Singapore and Australia announced the Work and Holiday Visa program that gives young people the opportunity to seek work experience in each other’s country.  - Last Modified 9 Jun 2017 MIP subscriber content
  6. search file icon81. Impact of junior college mergers in Singapore on Australian education - Market insights    For the first time in Singapore’s education history, the Ministry of Education announced that eight junior colleges will be merged in 2019, reducing the number of colleges from 23 to 19. The merger comes as Singapore grapples with a low birth rate, and will have an impact on future intakes into both public and overseas universities.  - Last Modified 15 May 2017 MIP subscriber content
  7. search file icon82. 【Fukuoka / Osaka】Australian Education Alumni Networking Event  - 過去のイベント    在福岡・大阪オーストラリア総領事館では、オーストラリア同窓会を開催いたします。 The Australian Consulates-General in Fukuoka and Osaka are pleased to announce a networking event for alumni of Australian education will be held in Fukuoka on Saturday 12 May 2018 and in Osaka on Friday 1 June 2018.  - Last Modified 5 Nov 2018
  8. search file icon83. Corporation seeks Australian partner institution for executive business program in Singapore - Opportunities    A Japanese corporation based in Singapore is seeking an Australian institution partner to deliver a 1–2 day business program in Singapore.  - Last Modified 1 May 2017 MIP subscriber content
  9. search file icon84. Australian speakers sought for Edutech Asia 2017 in Singapore - Opportunities    Australian edutech companies and education institutions are invited to register as speakers at the Edutech Asia 2017 Conference in Singapore, to be held from 8–10 November 2017. The growing popularity of the conference has seen the program expanded to eight streams this year to include special needs, vocational, business, policy and early childhood.  - Last Modified 4 Apr 2017 MIP subscriber content
  10. search file icon85. Transcript: 54th Australian Export Awards - Transcripts    Transcript for 54th Australian Export Awards highlights video.  - Last Modified 24 Mar 2017
  11. search file icon86. Vietnam university seeks Australian partner to deliver undergraduate programs in education - Opportunities    One of north Vietnam’s largest public universities is seeking to partner with an Australian university to develop teaching curriculum in the field of education and the potential to co-deliver five undergraduate degrees.  - Last Modified 3 Mar 2017 MIP subscriber content
  12. search file icon87. French schools register strong interest in Australian partnerships - Market insights    A number of public and private schools from across France have signed up to the official France–Australia School database in order to develop wide-ranging exchange programs with Australian partners.  - Last Modified 3 Mar 2017 MIP subscriber content
  13. search file icon88. Private Thai company seeks Australian partner to establish Aviation English training centre - Opportunities    A leading international school in Thailand seeks an Australian partner to provide an Aviation English proficiency rating service, and English training and testing for customers.  - Last Modified 13 Feb 2017 MIP subscriber content
  14. search file icon89. Australian school sought for Thai study tour in April - Opportunities    A Thai high school is seeking expressions of interest from Australian senior secondary schools to host a two-week study tour program for students in April 2017.  - Last Modified 3 Feb 2017 MIP subscriber content
  15. search file icon90. Czech universities seeking co-operation opportunities with Australian partners - Opportunities    Representatives from eight Czech universities will visit Australia in March 2017 to develop research and development co-operation across a range of technical disciplines via dual programs, curricula sharing and student and academic exchanges.  - Last Modified 3 Feb 2017 MIP subscriber content
  16. search file icon91. Peru’s opportunities for Australian research institutions - Market insights    The existence of commercial opportunities in Peru for Australian research institutions has been confirmed by the success of Australia’s national science organisation, CSIRO, in signing a service contract with one of the country’s leading mining companies, taking advantage of heightened interest in research, innovation and technology in Peru.  - Last Modified 25 Jan 2017 MIP subscriber content
  17. search file icon92. Multinational chemicals distributor in Belgium seeks Australian partner - Opportunities    A speciality chemicals distributor in Belgium is looking to partner with an Australian university or research institution to develop products for the Australian market. The company requires fully equipped laboratories, with stability testing and microscopic emulsion analysis capabilities.  - Last Modified 25 Jan 2017 MIP subscriber content
  18. search file icon93. Pakistan Government seeking Australian partners to host scholarship students - Opportunities    The Pakistan Government invites applications from Australian universities to host government-funded Pakistani scholarship students at Masters and PHD level across a range of study areas.  - Last Modified 25 Jan 2017 MIP subscriber content
  19. search file icon94. Transcript: Australian Education Technology - Transcripts    Transcript for video on Australian education technology  - Last Modified 24 Jul 2017
  20. search file icon95. Transcript: A video case study on Australian financial services in Japan - Transcripts    Transcript for video case study on Australian financial services in Japan  - Last Modified 24 Nov 2016
  21. search file icon96. Transcript: A video case study on Australian tertiary education and Japan - Transcripts    Transcript for video case study on Australian tertiary education and Japan  - Last Modified 24 Nov 2016
  22. search file icon97. Transcript: Australian Culinary Trails 2015 - Highlights - Transcripts    Australian Culinary Trails is a Food and Beverage initiative to increase the profile of Australian F&B capability in the Indonesian market.  - Last Modified 15 Nov 2016
  23. search file icon98. Transcript: Australian expertise in Solar air-conditioning - Overview by CSIRO - Transcripts    Transcript for Australian expertise in Solar air-conditioning - Overview by CSIRO  - Last Modified 8 Sep 2016
  24. search file icon99. 【イベントレポート】Australian Wheat Technical Seminar - 過去のニュース    2016年3月23日、オーストラリア産小麦の用途、品質、機能性、麺用小麦開発に関して、Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre(AEGIC)、オーストラリア大使館農務部と共にセミナーを開催しました。  - Last Modified 15 Apr 2016
  25. search file icon100. Australian Consulate-General Frankfurt - Austrade offices    Contact details for the Australian Consulate-General Frankfurt.  - Last Modified 8 Jan 2019