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  1. search file icon1. Transcript: A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Transcripts    Transcript for video case study on Sovereign Hill.  - Last Modified 1 Mar 2016
  2. search file icon2. A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Video    A video case study on Sovereign Hill Transcript  - Last Modified 26 Feb 2018
  3. search file icon3. A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Alt format - Video    A video case study on Sovereign Hill.  - Last Modified 29 Feb 2016
  4. search file icon4. Regional Tourism Bushfire Recovery Grants     Austrade administers the Regional Tourism Bushfire Recovery Grants, part of the Australian Government’s $76 million tourism recovery package.  - Last Modified 8 Oct 2021
  5. search file icon5. RMIT brings a slice of Australian education to India’s hill stations - Success stories    RMIT has been holding a series of Summer Schools in India’s north and is considering a Winter School in the south.  - Last Modified 16 Dec 2019
  6. search file icon6. Peaching for the stars: stone fruit export season underway - Success stories    One of Australia’s leading stone fruit producers is set for a peachy summer, sending its first load of juicy product for the export season to Malaysia this week.  - Last Modified 29 Oct 2021
  7. search file icon7. SoftIron opens first manufacturing facility in Australia - Investor Updates    UK tech firm SoftIron is establishing its first computer manufacturing facility in Australia.  - Last Modified 26 Nov 2021
  8. search file icon8. Boeing lands first final assembly site outside North America in Australia - Investor Updates    Boeing will build a facility in Australia to develop and make Loyal Wingman aircraft. It is the company’s first such facility outside North America.  - Last Modified 26 Nov 2021
  9. search file icon9. Microsoft boosts hi-tech footprint in Australia’s surging space industry  - Success stories    Australia is a major focus for Microsoft’s cloud computing capabilities. There is rising demand among local businesses and ambitious space startups with innovative technologies.  - Last Modified 25 Aug 2021
  10. search file icon10. Investment by US-based Moog Inc. triggers high-tech defence exports - Success stories    Moog Inc. is a US-based engineering company. It makes motion control and electronic solutions for industrial, defence and aerospace customers. These include flight controls for the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.  - Last Modified 19 Oct 2021
  11. search file icon11. Insight - Demand for METS rises in Turkey as precious metals mining sector grows - Insights    The decision to increase mining investment via the TWF creates new opportunities. Austrade has identified the potential for Australian METS companies in feasibility studies, project management, engineering reviews, mining design, risk management and safety initiatives.  - Last Modified 24 Feb 2021
  12. search file icon12. Education to India - Industries    India’s education market is large. There is growing demand for high-quality education and skills training.  - Last Modified 29 Mar 2021
  13. search file icon13. 从古代首个“海淘”订单说起,澳中经贸“带货”大事记 (2020-11) - 社媒精选    中国是澳大利亚最大的贸易伙伴,也是澳大利亚商品和服务最大的海外市场。两国经济的高度互补性为双方提供了诸多机会。澳中两国交往合作的历史远比人们知道的深远、丰富得多。比如澳中院校间超过885项的正式合作协议,超过了澳大利亚和世界其他任何国家院校之间的合作;还有在1972年可以完全忽略不计的服务贸易,到现在包括法律、金融、养老、医疗在内超过70亿澳元的服务贸易额,都是今天不大为人们知晓的辉煌成就。  - Last Modified 6 Nov 2020
  14. search file icon14. Austrade regional market update on the impact of COVID-19 (as at 25 August 2020) - Austrade update    Austrade will provide weekly regional updates on the progression and impact of COVID-19 around the world, to support the international education sector as the situation continues to evolve. These reports are compiled using the latest on-the-ground information and advice.  - Last Modified 25 Aug 2020
  15. search file icon15. Venn Energy: A force of nature - Success stories    Venn Energy, a developer of world-class renewables projects, sees increasing opportunities for solar energy and energy storage projects in Australia. Consequently, it has set up its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria.  - Last Modified 31 Jul 2020
  16. search file icon16. Venn Energy: A force of nature - Resources    Venn Energy, a developer of world-class renewables projects, sees increasing opportunities for solar energy and energy storage projects in Australia. Consequently, it has set up its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria.  - Last Modified 12 Mar 2021
  17. search file icon17. Middle East and Africa update on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) for exporters - Updates    This page has information to help Australian exporters manage the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on their business in the Middle East and Africa.  - Last Modified 5 Mar 2021
  18. search file icon18. 2019年澳大利亚酿酒葡萄收获超过预计产量 (2019-07) - 社媒精选    澳大利亚葡萄酒管理局正式发布2019年澳大利亚酿酒葡萄的收获报告。2019年澳大利亚共压榨酿酒葡萄约173万吨,仅低于近10年平均值的1%!这个数据远高于早前的预测,即低于2018年收获量的10-20个百分点。  - Last Modified 5 Aug 2019
  19. search file icon19. Peruvian Government invites Australian partners to create new public VET institutes - Market insights    The Peruvian Ministry of Education (MINEDU) has called on Australia to be one of several government partners to be considered for a project to create up to 26 new Institutes of Technical Education (IDEX) in each region of the country.  - Last Modified 15 Mar 2019 MIP subscriber content
  20. search file icon20. Videos on ELICOS opportunities in Latin America - Austrade update    Austrade has released a series of Latin American education insight videos on the ELICOS state of play. Hear from Marie Hill – Trade Commissioner (Austrade Peru) and Education Managers Patricia Monteiro (Austrade Brazil) and Camilo Pena (Austrade Colombia).  - Last Modified 29 Mar 2019
  21. search file icon21. Latin America – competing for regional growth - Competitor activity    Latin America, Australia’s second largest international education region after Asia, continues to be a major source of international students globally.  - Last Modified 18 Dec 2018 MIP subscriber content
  22. search file icon22. Consortia case study: Victorian Oil & Gas Consortium - Toolkit    Five Victorian TAFEs: Box Hill Institute, Chisholm Institute, Federation Training, Melbourne Polytechnic and The Gordon delivering targeted and industry supported skills training for the oil and gas sector.  - Last Modified 30 Mar 2018
  23. search file icon23. Nyiyaparli People and Capricorn Metals  - Case studies    In early 2016, Capricorn Metals acquired the Karlawinda gold project in Western Australia, located 65 kilometres south-east of the town of Newman, within the Nyiyaparli native title claim area.  - Last Modified 6 Nov 2017
  24. search file icon24. SMBC provides pathway to Asia for local businesses - Case studies    Australia represents a mature market with considerable ongoing potential for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC).  - Last Modified 9 Feb 2018
  25. search file icon25. Infrastructure global value chain (GVC) to Korea - Industries    Austrade's infrastructure global value chain (GVC) industry country profile provides Australian exporters with information such as trends and opportunities, tariffs and regulations, basic marketing advice and also includes useful links and industry contacts.  - Last Modified 5 Dec 2017