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  1. search file icon1. Transcript: A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Transcripts    Transcript for video case study on Sovereign Hill.  - Last Modified 1 Mar 2016
  2. search file icon2. A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Video    A video case study on Sovereign Hill Transcript  - Last Modified 26 Feb 2018
  3. search file icon3. A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Alt format - Video    A video case study on Sovereign Hill.  - Last Modified 29 Feb 2016
  4. search file icon4. Navantia Australia opens naval design and engineering centre in Melbourne - 2018    Naval shipbuilder Navantia Australia, a subsidiary of Spain-based Navantia S.A., has opened a new design and engineering centre in Melbourne.  - Last Modified 11 May 2018
  5. search file icon5. General Dynamics Mission Systems opens new Australian engineering centre  - 2018    Aerospace and defence organisation General Dynamics Mission Systems is expanding its presence in Canberra by opening a new office and engineering resource centre.  - Last Modified 11 May 2018
  6. search file icon6. Consortia case study: Victorian Oil & Gas Consortium - Toolkit    Five Victorian TAFEs: Box Hill Institute, Chisholm Institute, Federation Training, Melbourne Polytechnic and The Gordon delivering targeted and industry supported skills training for the oil and gas sector.  - Last Modified 30 Mar 2018
  7. search file icon7. Asian investors cultivate northern Australia’s agricultural region - 2018    A 200-hectare commercial wet-season cotton crop has been planted in Western Australia’s Ord Irrigation Scheme.  - Last Modified 21 Mar 2018
  8. search file icon8. Core arguments and facts of the 2018 Benchmark Report: Robust Growth - Economic analysis    The Report is structured around five main reasons for investing in Australia and compares Australia’s credentials with other major economies across each category. In this post, the focus is on the Robust Growth story.  - Last Modified 6 Feb 2018
  9. search file icon9. Nyiyaparli People and Capricorn Metals  - Case studies    In early 2016, Capricorn Metals acquired the Karlawinda gold project in Western Australia, located 65 kilometres south-east of the town of Newman, within the Nyiyaparli native title claim area.  - Last Modified 6 Nov 2017
  10. search file icon10. Australia’s AAA credit rating and its outlook remain strong - Economic analysis    The international credit agency Moody's Investors Service assessment of the Australian outlook is that the economy will extend its uninterrupted 26-year record of economic growth into the foreseeable future.  - Last Modified 29 Sep 2017
  11. search file icon11. SMBC provides pathway to Asia for local businesses - Case studies    Australia represents a mature market with considerable ongoing potential for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC).  - Last Modified 9 Feb 2018
  12. search file icon12. Goldwind invests in the largest wind project in Australia - 2017    Leading Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, Xinjiang Goldwind (Goldwind), is investing A$110 million to acquire Australia’s largest wind development projects, Victoria’s Stockyard Hill Wind Farm, from Origin Energy (Origin).  - Last Modified 3 Aug 2017
  13. search file icon13. MTR transforms Australia’s largest cities with world-class fast and frequent trains - Success stories    Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation is one of the world’s leading multinational railway companies. In 2015, MTR serviced more than 3.5 billion passengers on railway networks in Hong Kong, Sweden, the UK, China and Australia.  - Last Modified 8 Feb 2018
  14. search file icon14. Australia’s shrinking current account deficit - Economic analysis    Following on from a 0.8 per cent of GDP deficit in the December 2016 quarter, the Q1 2017 result therefore marks a second consecutive quarter of deficits below one per cent of GDP.  - Last Modified 23 Jun 2017
  15. search file icon15. An uncertain world - Is Australia fit for the times? - News    Mark Thirlwell provided an update on the Australian economy and insights on the 2017 Australian budget  - Last Modified 15 May 2017
  16. search file icon16. Infrastructure global value chain (GVC) to Korea - Industries    Austrade's infrastructure global value chain (GVC) industry country profile provides Australian exporters with information such as trends and opportunities, tariffs and regulations, basic marketing advice and also includes useful links and industry contacts.  - Last Modified 5 Dec 2017
  17. search file icon17. 17家澳大利亚领先养老培训机构即将进行中国路演 (2017-04) - 以往活动    澳贸委将组织17家澳大利亚领先的养老产业教育培训机构组成国家代表团进行“澳大利亚养老产业人才培训示范课中国路演”。代表团将先后访问北京(4月24日)、成都(4月26日)和上海(4月28日),希望通过此次路演与未来的合作伙伴探讨如何合作,共同应对中国养老人才巨大缺口的挑战。本次路演的一大亮点是代表团将带来8堂讲师培训示范课。来自澳大利亚经验丰富的一线培训师将为专业观众示范讲授管理类课程和针对护理人员的岗前培训及在岗技能培训的课程。  - Last Modified 20 Apr 2017
  18. search file icon18. Core Arguments and Facts of the 2017 Benchmark Report: Business - Economic analysis    With more than 25 years of uninterrupted annual economic growth, a AAA sovereign risk profile and diverse, globally competitive industries, Australia remains well placed to build on an impressive record of prosperity.  - Last Modified 16 Feb 2017
  19. search file icon19. Core arguments and facts of the 2017 Benchmark Report: Growth - Economic analysis    Following my previous post where I introduced the 2017 Benchmark Report (BMR), I want to look in a bit more detail at some of the core arguments and facts of the BMR.  - Last Modified 31 Jan 2017
  20. search file icon20. Cyber security to the United States - Industries    Cyber security is the fastest growing technology sector and has implications across all parts of the global economy.  - Last Modified 18 Dec 2017
  21. search file icon21. Transcript: A video case study on Australian financial services in Japan - Transcripts    Transcript for video case study on Australian financial services in Japan  - Last Modified 24 Nov 2016
  22. search file icon22. Thai energy company invests A$68 million in solar power project  - 2016    Thailand’s largest power producer, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH), is enhancing its existing presence in Australia by investing A$68.33 million to develop a new solar power facility in North Queensland, creating an estimated 210 jobs.  - Last Modified 15 Dec 2016
  23. search file icon23. A Vote of Confidence: Moody's affirms Australia's Aaa rating; maintains stable outlook - Economic analysis    Following the latest assessments of Standard & Poor’s (S&P) and Fitch in July, Moody’s Investors Service is the latest major agency to have reaffirmed its view on Australia’s Aaa rating.  - Last Modified 25 Aug 2016
  24. search file icon24. Shanghai Zhongfu expands presence in Kimberley region - 2016    Kimberley Agricultural Investment (KAI), a subsidiary of Chinese company Shanghai Zhongfu, has purchased Carlton Hill Station in the Ord River district of Western Australia, from Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC) for an estimated A$100 million.  - Last Modified 15 Dec 2016
  25. search file icon25. Understanding Australia’s strengths in aged care, food safety and mine safety training - Opportunities    Austrade invites RTOs and corporate training providers with an interest in offshore expansion to participate in a research project to uncover capability in aged care, food safety and mine safety training.  - Last Modified 14 Jun 2016 MIP subscriber content