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  1. search file icon1. Demand for an Australian education continues to rise in Mongolia - Updates    Recent activities in-market have re-affirmed the appetite of Mongolian students to study in Australia, with a 40 per cent increase in student enrolments from 2016. Recent large investments and heightened levels of economic activity is increasing demand for skilled, Western-educated Mongolian professionals to work in government, the private sector and for foreign investors operating in Mongolia. Results of an Austrade social media campaign in Mongolia provide learnings on education levels and study areas of interest.  - Last Modified 18 Oct 2017 MIP subscribers only
  2. search file icon2. Market Dashboard - Mongolia - MIP Orbis    This dashboard shows student enrolments, fields of education and visa grants for Mongolia.  - Last Modified 30 Oct 2017 MIP subscribers only
  3. search file icon3. MIP Education Snapshot – Mongolia - Reports    This four-page MIP Education Snapshot provides concise insights from our 'on-the-ground' experts, about Mongolia's education system, market opportunities, market challenges and more.  - Last Modified 17 Aug 2015
  4. search file icon4. Participate in Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibitions in Mongolia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan - Opportunities    Austrade is holding education exhibitions in Mongolia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan during September to October 2014. The events are being held consecutively, providing Australian providers with an opportunity to visit multiple countries in the region.  - Last Modified 19 Aug 2015 MIP subscribers only
  5. search file icon5. Future Unlimited Education Fair in Mongolia attracts over 2000 visitors - Austrade update    For a second year, Austrade has hosted a very successful Future Unlimited Education Fair in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 27–28 September. Eighteen Australian education providers participated, covering higher education, vocational education and training, English and high school programs.  - Last Modified 21 Aug 2015
  6. search file icon6. First agent briefing in Mongolia on Australian education - Austrade update    Mongolian agents have been briefed on Australian education for the first time. An Austrade-organised education agents workshop, held on 24 June in Ulaanbaatar, was attended by over 20 agents and institutions. The workshop focused on providing agents with the latest information on Australian education, Austrade’s strategy, market opportunities and the Future Unlimited brand for the promotion of Australia as a high-quality study destination.  - Last Modified 21 Aug 2015
  7. search file icon7. Studying overseas on the rise in Mongolia - Updates    The opening of the Mongolian market to the rest of the world has provided increasing opportunities for Mongolians to study abroad and obtain a western education. As such, the number of students studying abroad has increased significantly in recent years.  - Last Modified 17 Jun 2013 MIP subscribers only
  8. search file icon8. Mongolia education market briefing - Reports    A briefing on the education market in Mongolia. This document includes market insights and analysis, the Mongolian education system, opportunities, and competitor activity.  - Last Modified 16 Apr 2013
  9. search file icon9. Mongolia education market profile - Market profile    International education information for Mongolia is indexed on this page. Austrade provides market intelligence and analysis through its network of specialists all over the world to support Australia's international education sector.  - Last Modified 31 Mar 2017
  10. search file icon10. Mongolia market profile - Market profile    A market overview of Mongolia for Australian exporters. Find out about economic and trade-related information, along with the current business situation and general travel tips and facts for Mongolia.  - Last Modified 17 Jul 2017
  11. search file icon11. Austrade's office in Mongolia - Austrade offices    The location of Austrade's office in Mongolia and links to further information.  - Last Modified 7 Apr 2016
  12. search file icon12. AFU Exhibition Mongolia 2015 - Events    Australia Future Unlimited Exhibition Mongolia 2015 event brochure  - Last Modified 17 Aug 2015
  13. search file icon13. Mongolia Education Market Briefing 2013 - Updates    Mongolia Education Market Briefing 2013 Update - Mongolia Education Market Briefing _2013.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 25 Mar 2013 MIP subscribers only
  14. search file icon14. Learnings from Mongolian education exhibition - Updates    Austrade recently delivered its fifth Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibition Mongolia. Following the success of the 2015 event, this year’s event saw a record participation turnout and support from the newly-established Australian Embassy in Mongolia.  - Last Modified 26 Oct 2016 MIP subscribers only
  15. search file icon15. Mongolian government seeks consulting services to develop TVET system  - Opportunities    The Mongolian Government is seeking consulting services to establish competency-based training and assessment in the TVET system.  - Last Modified 19 Oct 2015 MIP subscribers only
  16. search file icon16. Mongolia's AFUEE 2015 attracted more than 1600 attendees  - Austrade update    On 19 September in Ulaanbaatar, the Australian Government’s Australian Future Unlimited Education Exhibition (AFUEE) 2015 attracted more than 1600 attendees.  - Last Modified 30 Sep 2015
  17. search file icon17. Annual workshop for Mongolian education agents - Austrade update    Eighteen agents attended the third annual Education Agent Workshop 2015 in Ulaanbaatar on 28 May 2015, organised by Austrade with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Australia continues to be an important study destination for Mongolians, with more than 900 enrolments in 2014, a 45% increase on the previous year.  - Last Modified 17 Aug 2015
  18. search file icon18. Australian TAFE sought for Mongolian VET reform project - Opportunities    An Australian TAFE is sought for a VET reform project, including a twinning arrangement with a local institute. Private VET providers may cooperate with the TAFE institute, who must act as the primary implementing organisation. The project seeks to build capacity in Mongolia, with mineral resources and rural employability being important factors for sustainable economic growth.  - Last Modified 18 Aug 2015 MIP subscribers only
  19. search file icon19. Mongolian training college seeks VET partners in underground mining training - Opportunities    A private training college in Mongolia is seeking partnerships with Australian VET providers to deliver training in underground mining that is compliant with the Australian Quality Training Framework.  - Last Modified 18 Aug 2015 MIP subscribers only
  20. search file icon20. Mongolian Education fair attracts more than 1100 students - Austrade update    The Australia Future Unlimited: Education Fair 2014 Mongolia held last month was represented by 20 Australian education providers from all sectors and attracted more than 1100 prospective students.  - Last Modified 18 Aug 2015
  21. search file icon21. Mongolian education agents receive annual training - Austrade update    An Austrade-run education agents workshop was held in in Ulaanbaatar on 16 May 2014. Held for the second time, the workshop involved 41 participants from 18 different education agents in the market.  - Last Modified 19 Aug 2015
  22. search file icon22. New Mongolian Government scheme supports undergraduate study at world’s top 100 universities - Updates    A new law is providing Mongolian students with greater opportunities for international education at the world’s top 100 universities. Under the regulation, the Mongolian Government will offer students loans to cover tuition and living costs.  - Last Modified 21 Aug 2015 MIP subscribers only
  23. search file icon23. Mongolian international student numbers double in five years - Updates    The number of Mongolian students undertaking international study has risen steadily in the past five years. According to recent Mongolian Ministry of Education and Science statistics (Jan 2013), there are currently double the number of students compared with 2008. Australia is the third-preferred study destination among English speaking countries.  - Last Modified 21 Aug 2015 MIP subscribers only
  24. search file icon24. Mongolian Technical college seeks VET partner for automotive technology trades - Opportunities    A Mongolian private technical college is seeking a partnership with an Australian VET provider to deliver technical trades courses in compliance with Australian Quality Training Framework requirements. Training is required for heavy equipment technician, electric technician and fixed plant technician.  - Last Modified 28 Jun 2013 MIP subscribers only
  25. search file icon25. Mongolian Mining Projects Report - Market profile    The Mongolian Mining Projects Report 2015 is a guide for Australian mining equipment, technology, and services (METS) exporters looking to understand the present and future opportunities Mongolia’s world class deposits of copper, gold, coal, and iron ore provides.  - Last Modified 8 Feb 2017