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  1. search file icon1. Insight – Brazil reduces tariffs on over 6,000 goods  - Insights    Brazil has reduced tariffs on more than 6,000 goods including most agricultural, forestry and fisheries products.  - Last Modified 20 Jun 2022
  2. search file icon2. Australia-Brazil virtual research collaboration week — November 2021  - Government/partner updates    The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) recognises Brazil as a significant producer of research in Latin America. November 2021 will see the launch of the Australia-Brazil Virtual Research Collaboration. Sessions will be focused on COVID-19 related research, with three major research streams prioritised.  - Last Modified 3 Nov 2021
  3. search file icon3. Brazil COVID-19 and student pipeline recovery market update - Market insights    Brazil has become an important country for Australia’s international education sector. Before the pandemic, Brazil used to be the fourth largest overall source country to Australia, while being the third largest for ELICOS.  - Last Modified 26 Oct 2021 MIP subscriber content
  4. search file icon4. Growing VET offshore training opportunities in Brazil - Government/partner updates    The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) is leading a range of projects in Latin America designed to develop opportunities for offshore training. These projects will provide opportunities for the development and alignment of standards, including a cooperative project with the Pacific Alliance in the tourism and hospitality sector.  - Last Modified 26 Oct 2021
  5. search file icon5. Australian researchers to benefit from new agreement with Brazil - Market insights    On 2 December the Department of Education, Skills and Employment signed a memorandum of understanding with Brazil's National Council of State Research Foundation, to support Australian researchers in accessing funding through Brazil's research foundations.  - Last Modified 15 Dec 2020 MIP subscriber content
  6. search file icon6. Overview of edtech opportunities in Brazil - Market insights    In Brazil, education is a large and growing sector. There are more than 49 million students in basic education and 8 million students in higher education. The country faces many challenges at all levels, and improving the quality of basic school education is critical. In this environment there are opportunities for Australian edtech companies.  - Last Modified 17 May 2019 MIP subscriber content
  7. search file icon7. New trends in 2018 Brazil commencement data - Market insights    With more than 27,000 commencements in 2018, Brazil is the fourth largest source market for international students to Australia. Brazil is a key source for the ELICOS and VET sectors, with the second most ELICOS commencements and fourth most VET commencements. 2018 data indicates an increase in VET commencements but a decline in ELICOS commencements.  - Last Modified 29 Mar 2019 MIP subscriber content
  8. search file icon8. Technology college in Brazil seeking Australian partners - Opportunities    A well-known technology college in Brazil is looking for global partners, especially in Australia, to offer worldwide experiences to their students. Focused on IT, IT management, innovation and entrepreneurship, students will be required to create a start-up company instead of writing the traditional final paper.  - Last Modified 23 Jul 2018 MIP subscriber content
  9. search file icon9. New rules for recognition of foreign qualifications in Brazil - Market insights    The Brazil Government recently launched an online platform to expedite the recognition and revalidation of foreign qualifications in Brazil. Going forward, Brazilian students who have completed undergraduate and postgraduate courses abroad will have their diplomas recognised in less time by the new policy.  - Last Modified 17 Jul 2018 MIP subscriber content
  10. search file icon10. Australia promoted at education agent training in Brazil - Market insights    In June, the Austrade Education team in Brazil, together with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Tourism Australia, delivered a series of education agent training sessions across Brazil, in Florianopolis, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. Austrade also facilitated for the first time online training with BELTA, reaching more than 100 agents.  - Last Modified 17 Jul 2017 MIP subscriber content
  11. search file icon11. Agribusiness to Brazil - Industries    Brazil is amongst the biggest global players in the agribusiness sector. In recent years Brazil passed Australia as the largest beef exporter to China.  - Last Modified 6 Jun 2017
  12. search file icon12. First Australia-Brazil agritech innovation workshop generates broad interest - Market insights    A high-level agriculture delegation from a number of Australian universities visited Brazil in May to participate in the first Australia-Brazil Workshop on agritech innovation, with a number of opportunities arising in the agribusiness sector, research fields and developing modern technologies.  - Last Modified 2 Jun 2017 MIP subscriber content
  13. search file icon13. EOIs sought for agritech workshop in Brazil - Opportunities    Austrade is developing an agritech workshop to be held in May or June 2017, in Brazil. The workshop aims to promote Australian capabilities in agricultural technology and to explore new approaches to industry-engaged research and collaboration opportunities.  - Last Modified 20 Jan 2017 MIP subscriber content
  14. search file icon14. Market Dashboard - Brazil - MIP Orbis    This dashboard shows student enrolments, fields of education and visa grants for Brazil.  - Last Modified 30 Oct 2017 MIP subscriber content
  15. search file icon15. Brazil market profile - Market profile    A market overview of Brazil for Australian exporters. Find out about economic and trade-related information, along with the current business situation and general travel tips and facts for Brazil.  - Last Modified 4 Jun 2020
  16. search file icon16. Health and medical to Brazil - Industries    Brazil has the largest healthcare market in Latin America. The sector has undergone profound changes in recent years, making the Brazilian healthcare market one of the most promising and attractive in the world.  - Last Modified 2 Jan 2019
  17. search file icon17. Mining to Brazil - Industries    Brazil is amongst the biggest global players in the mining sector. It is the second largest exporter of iron ore, manganese and bauxite and the largest exporter of niobium.  - Last Modified 19 Nov 2020
  18. search file icon18. Brazil education market profile - Market profile    International education information for Brazil is indexed on this page. Austrade provides market intelligence and analysis through its network of specialists all over the world to support Australia's international education sector.  - Last Modified 18 Feb 2020
  19. search file icon19. Austrade's offices in Brazil - Austrade offices    Austrade office locations in Brazil and links to further information  - Last Modified 7 Jun 2022
  20. search file icon20. MIP: Market in Focus – Brazil summary - Austrade update    MIP: Market in Focus – Brazil summary  - Last Modified 16 Dec 2020
  21. search file icon21. LATAM Markets Mining Brazil - Industries    LATAM Markets Mining Brazil  - Last Modified 19 Nov 2020
  22. search file icon22. Tropical Medicine Brazil Colombia 2016 event brochure - Events    Tropical Medicine Brazil Colombia 2016 event brochure  - Last Modified 10 Feb 2016
  23. search file icon23. Call for proposals from universities for Brazil’s FAUBAI 2018 Conference - Opportunities    FAUBAI 2018 Higher Education Conference is offering an opportunity for Australian universities to submit proposals and participate in the event – themed “Internationalisation and Research: Challenges and Strategies”, taking place in Rio de Janeiro from 14–18 April 2018.  - Last Modified 4 Dec 2017 MIP subscriber content
  24. search file icon24. Brazilian university seeks Australian partners for an innovative Amazonian digital event - Opportunities    A Brazilian private higher education institution is seeking Australian education partners to join their international business competition focused on the Amazon rainforest. This competition involves both domestic Brazilian students and international students from the US, Macau, Russia and Romania.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2021 MIP subscriber content
  25. search file icon25. Brazilian higher education institution seeks Australian partners - Opportunities    A Brazilian private higher education institution invites Australian institutions to participate in their global student collaboration program. A highly respected higher education institution established in 1993 and located in São Paulo, Brazil seeks Australian partners to engage in the program.  - Last Modified 23 Mar 2021 MIP subscriber content