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  1. search file icon1. Austrade's offices in China - Austrade offices    The location of Austrade's offices in China and links to further information.  - Last Modified 3 Jul 2020
  2. search file icon2. Transcript: Opportunities for Australian businesses under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement - Transcripts    The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is a landmark agreement that gives Australian companies unparalleled access to the world’s second largest economy.  - Last Modified 13 Oct 2016
  3. search file icon3. China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) - China     Prime Minister Abbott and President Xi announced the conclusion of negotiations for the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) on 17 November 2014. The Agreement lays an historic foundation for the next phase of Australia’s economic relationship with China.  - Last Modified 10 Jun 2020
  4. search file icon4. Complementary Medicine to China  - Publications    The China Complementary Medicine Report provides an overview of the current market landscape.  - Last Modified 12 Sep 2022
  5. search file icon5. Survey demonstrates continued strong perceptions of Australian education in China - Austrade update    Austrade commissioned research in China to investigate international education preferences and decision-making. A survey for the report found Australia to be the second most attractive country for study abroad.  - Last Modified 29 Aug 2022
  6. search file icon6. China Market Insights – Education Agency’s Student Survey Report  - Market insights    One of the largest education agencies in China has released the results of a comprehensive survey of Chinese students with university study abroad plans, providing insights on demand preferences.  - Last Modified 13 Jul 2022 MIP subscriber content
  7. search file icon7. Insight – Rising demand for premium pet food in China  - Insights    Rising pet ownership in China is driving demand for high-quality imported pet food.  - Last Modified 14 Jun 2022
  8. search file icon8. Insight – Group buying takes off in China during COVID lockdowns  - Insights    Group buying is a new trend in e-commerce in China. It involves groups of consumers banding together to purchase goods in bulk or wholesale. It has become highly popular during recent lockdowns.  - Last Modified 8 Jun 2022
  9. search file icon9. Update on international high school examinations in China - Market insights    This update provides a quick overview of the disruptions to key international high school examinations in China due to the ongoing pandemic, which presents implications for overseas universities in Chinese student recruitment.  - Last Modified 24 May 2022 MIP subscriber content
  10. search file icon10. Insight – Coffee’s growing popularity in China brews export opportunities - Insights    China’s increasingly urbanised and affluent population is drinking more coffee than ever before. From 2018–19 to 2020–21, coffee consumption in China increased by 140% (Source: USDA 2022).  - Last Modified 19 May 2022
  11. search file icon11. China Education – Competitor Snapshot (US, UK & Canada) - Competitor activity    China's education market is highly competitive. Austrade has prepared a China market snapshot on three key-English speaking competing international education destinations: the US, UK and Canada.  - Last Modified 13 Apr 2022 MIP subscriber content
  12. search file icon12. Market in focus — China - Austrade update    Welcome to this ‘market in focus’ toolkit — a curation of new resources that can help you better understand the education market in China  - Last Modified 13 Apr 2022
  13. search file icon13. Trade Commissioner Update: Andrew Carter — Austrade China - Austrade update    Andrew Carter, Trade Commissioner for education in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan shares insights, opportunities, and engagement strategies for mainland China, which will play a key role in the recovery of the international education sector from the global pandemic.  - Last Modified 13 Apr 2022
  14. search file icon14. Insight – Women’s Day a boost for beauty goods in China – but watch for sensitivities  - Insights    Women’s Day and other name days in the Chinese calendar are opportunities to boost exports, but Australian companies should beware of sensitivities.  - Last Modified 8 Apr 2022
  15. search file icon15. Insight – China 2021 wrap: e-commerce and consumer insights in beauty, skincare, dairy & supplements - Insights    Insights into China’s beauty, skincare, dairy and supplements markets for e-commerce exporters  - Last Modified 21 Feb 2022
  16. search file icon16. China Healthcare Market: An Introduction - Publications    This report gives an overview of the healthcare market in China, which presents strong opportunities for Australian healthcare companies.  - Last Modified 26 Nov 2021
  17. search file icon17. Insight – New trends emerging as China gears up for Singles Day - Insights    Brands must prepare early to succeed in China’s 2 biggest shopping festivals, 11.11 and 16.8.  - Last Modified 10 Nov 2021
  18. search file icon18. Insight – New rules bring changes to live streaming in China - Insights    China has released new draft regulations (Chinese language only) on e-commerce, with a focus on live streaming. The regulations aim to create a stricter environment for how brands, platforms and agents operate.  - Last Modified 28 Sep 2021
  19. search file icon19. Latest insight on e-commerce in China - Latest from Austrade    There are now more e-commerce consumers in China than in Europe and the US combined. In the last year alone, 72 million e-commerce shoppers joined this total.  - Last Modified 26 Nov 2021
  20. search file icon20. Insight – E-commerce and live streaming remain strong in China - Insights    China’s second-biggest shopping festival of the year, 618, took place on 18 June. The e-commerce event produced sales records and surprising figures.  - Last Modified 6 Aug 2021
  21. search file icon21. Meat Australia China Awards 2021 颁奖盛典圆满落幕 (2021-04) - 主要活动    第二届 “Meat Australia China Awards 2021” MLA 颁奖盛典在上海举行,近200位澳大利亚红肉行业人士齐聚外滩,见证两大类别六大奖项隆重揭晓。Meat Australia China Awards由澳洲肉类及畜牧业协会(MLA)于2019年创办,一直是备受业界瞩目与期待的行业盛事。  - Last Modified 18 May 2021
  22. search file icon22. Insight - COVID-19 spurs plant-based protein market in China - Insights    China’s plant-based protein market is growing strongly. According to Austrade advisors in China, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of plant-based proteins among consumers.  - Last Modified 17 Mar 2021
  23. search file icon23. China education agents: Outlook for the Australian market - Market insights    Education agents in China are a key source for insights on the outlook for China’s study abroad market and Australia’s competitive position. Austrade conducted a survey of 58 leading Chinese education agencies in October 2020, followed by workshops across four major cities. This report explores the results to assist Australian international education providers with their short and longer-term marketing strategies.  - Last Modified 2 Feb 2021 MIP subscriber content
  24. search file icon24. Opportunities for Australian schools in the delivery of transnational education in China - Market insights    The number of schools in China offering an international curriculum has rapidly increased in recent years due to the interest of Chinese parents in providing their children with an international education and a pathway to study at a foreign university. Demand for these schools has further increased in 2020 as a result of COVID-19 and a reluctance on the part of many parents to send their children abroad for school education. Austrade has commissioned a report to provide an overview of opportunities for Australian schools in the delivery of transitional education (TNE) in China.  - Last Modified 9 Sep 2020 MIP subscriber content
  25. search file icon25. China – University in Shenzhen seeks international collaboration in fintech - Opportunities    A university in Shenzhen seeks fintech collaboration. Opportunities may include development of a joint program or institute, teacher or student exchange programs, and/or research collaboration.  - Last Modified 9 Sep 2020 MIP subscriber content