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  1. search file icon1. Austrade's offices in India - Austrade offices    Austrade office locations in India and for links to further information. The Austrade offices in India are also responsible for Bhutan and Nepal.  - Last Modified 12 Jan 2021
  2. search file icon2. Insight – Opportunities for premium wine in India under Australia-India trade agreement - Insights    The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement will reduce tariffs on wine exports to India when it comes into force.  - Last Modified 10 Nov 2022
  3. search file icon3. India-Australia mining centre of excellence established - Market insights    An Australia-India Centre of Excellence for Mining Training has been established in India following a review of the commercially viable training opportunities for Australia’s education and training sector.  - Last Modified 26 May 2017 MIP subscriber content
  4. search file icon4. Indian firm seeking partnership to establish Australia-India agriculture executive program - Opportunities    An Indian consulting firm is seeking expressions of interest from Australian institutions to establish an Australia-India executive program on tropical agriculture production and value chains. It will profile Australian management education in India and be a catalyst for Indo-Australian trade and collaboration in the agriculture/food sector through exchange of knowledge and experience between industry stakeholders from both countries.  - Last Modified 23 Jul 2018 MIP subscriber content
  5. search file icon5. FTA gives premium Australian wines a first-mover advantage in India - Success stories    Australia, India FTA helps Barossa vineyard, Torbreck expand its presence in India.  - Last Modified 6 Dec 2022
  6. search file icon6. Australia India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement - India    The Australia India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AIECTA) was signed on 2 April 2022. We expect this to enter into force by the end of 2022.  - Last Modified 2 Dec 2022
  7. search file icon7. Trade deal with India delivers from 29 December (Ministerial) - Media Releases    The Albanese Government welcomes confirmation today, that the Indian Government has completed its domestic requirements to enable implementation of the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA).  - Last Modified 5 Dec 2022
  8. search file icon8. Australia’s advanced manufacturing sharpens focus on India - Success stories    Australian engineering company, LaserBond, is expanding in India. Local Austrade advisers helped.  - Last Modified 2 Dec 2022
  9. search file icon9. Trade deals with India and the UK have passed Parliament (Ministerial) - Media Releases    Australian exporters, businesses, workers and consumers will soon be able to reap the opportunities and benefits of more open trade with India and the United Kingdom.  - Last Modified 28 Nov 2022
  10. search file icon10. Team Australia celebrates success of Study Australia Showcase in India  - Austrade update    Austrade’s International Education team, under the India Digital Hub initiative, launched its flagship Study Australia Showcase in India in September 2022 to promote Australian higher education institutions program capabilities to prospective international students.  - Last Modified 14 Nov 2022
  11. search file icon11. Insight – First in-transit phosphine fumigated Australian lentils land in India - Insights    The first shipment of Australian lentils under the in-transit phosphine fumigation trial has arrived in India.  - Last Modified 10 Nov 2022
  12. search file icon12. Inaugural Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge concludes in New Delhi, India  - Austrade update    The inaugural Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge finishes in shark-tank style with an in-person gala in New Delhi and an all-female team of five students from MIT World Peace University in Pune, India as the winner.  - Last Modified 1 Nov 2022
  13. search file icon13. Applications Open: Australia India Research Students Fellowship program - Government/partner updates    Applications are now open for the new Australia India Research Students Fellowship (AIRS Fellowship) program. The bilateral program, run by the Australia India Institute and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education  - Last Modified 13 Oct 2022
  14. search file icon14. Transnational education, partnerships, edtech and more at the Australia India Business Exchange 2022 - Austrade update    The AIBX 2022 Business Mission is creating an intense buzz across India, which kickstarted in Mumbai on September 25, 2022. As part of the five-day mission, the International Education sector is leading meaningful discussions on transnational education, India’s National Education Policy, and post-Covid collaboration opportunities.  - Last Modified 4 Oct 2022
  15. search file icon15. Aussie businesses head to India to build trade ties  - Media Releases    A group of Australia’s top business leaders arrived in India today on a mission to step up engagement with one of the world’s fastest growing economies.  - Last Modified 5 Oct 2022
  16. search file icon16. Insight – India extends zero-tariff rate for lentils - Insights    The Indian Government has reduced tariffs on lentil imports. This creates opportunities for Australian exporters.  - Last Modified 27 Sep 2022
  17. search file icon17. More success for the India Digital Education Hub - Austrade update    Launched in 2020, the program is aimed at promoting Australia as a world class education destination while building a sustainable platform for the sector’s recovery in India. In 2022 the program has exceeded all targets.  - Last Modified 29 Aug 2022
  18. search file icon18. India skills delivery webinar – 7 September 2022 - Austrade update    As part of the new Australia-India Future Skills Initiative (FSI), Austrade is hosting a webinar for Australian skills, training and vocational education providers on the India skilling opportunity.  - Last Modified 16 Aug 2022
  19. search file icon19. Aussie student recruitment platform bets big on India - Success stories    Australia’s largest student recruitment marketplace, Global Study Partners (GSP), is betting big on India.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2022
  20. search file icon20. Higher education in India heading for a major makeover  - Market insights    The University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved academic collaboration between Indian and Foreign Higher Educational Institutions to offer Twinning, Joint Degree and Dual Degree Programmes and setting up of Foreign campuses in the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City).  - Last Modified 24 Jun 2022 MIP subscriber content
  21. search file icon21. Advancing Free Trade Agreements with India and the European Union (Ministerial) - Media Releases    The Australian Government is working to advance Australia’s free trade agreement negotiations with India and the European Union (EU).  - Last Modified 17 Jun 2022
  22. search file icon22. Australian institutions invited to participate in the Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge in India  - Austrade update    Austrade is launching its first edition of the Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge (SAEC) in India in August 2022. This immersive two-week challenge will bring together some of India’s brightest undergraduate students in multidisciplinary teams to explore Australia’s education ecosystem with entrepreneurial ideas across four key themes.  - Last Modified 17 Jun 2022
  23. search file icon23. Cochlear trailblazes Australian medtech in India - Success stories    The new Australia–India trade agreement will help Cochlear brings its hearing implant technology to thousands more people in India.  - Last Modified 21 Jun 2022
  24. search file icon24. The Australia – India Energy Centre (AIEC) seeks partners  - Austrade update    The Australia – India Energy Center (AIEC) is an energy focused collaborative network seeking university, institutional and R&D partners from Australia.  - Last Modified 23 Jun 2022
  25. search file icon25. Aussie respiratory device maker, AirPhysio expands in India - Success stories    NSW-based AirPhysio is exporting its breathing device to India. The new Australia-India trade agreement is helping.  - Last Modified 2 Jun 2022