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  1. search file icon26. National roadshow highlights India business opportunities - Media Releases    Australian businesses and exporters will have the chance to quiz trade and investment experts about opportunities to break into the India market from today, when a national roadshow kicks off in Sydney.  - Last Modified 2 May 2022
  2. search file icon27. India trade agreement roadshow to tour Australia in April-June - Latest from Austrade    Austrade launches a country-wide roadshow to promote export prospects following the new trade agreement with India.  - Last Modified 21 Apr 2022
  3. search file icon28. Outcomes of the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement - Media ReleasesThis link will open in a new window    The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) was signed on 2 April 2022 by Australia’s Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Dan Tehan and India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs and Food, and Public Distribution and Textiles of India Piyush Goyal.  - Last Modified 7 Apr 2022
  4. search file icon29. New Australia-India Future Skills Initiative launched - Austrade update    Austrade will be leading two new initiatives in the education and technology sectors as part of Australia’s ongoing commitment to bilateral cooperation with India — the Australia India Future Skills Initiative and the Australia India Innovation Network.  - Last Modified 28 Jun 2022
  5. search file icon30. Insight – Export opportunities increase as India reduces tariff on lentils - Insights    On 13 February 2022, India reduced the tariff on lentils to nil until 30 September 2022 for all countries except the United States. Lentils from the United States will still be subject to a 33% tariff, down from 55%. The tariff reduction will make Australian lentils (HS0713.40.00) more competitive in the India market.  - Last Modified 22 Feb 2022
  6. search file icon31. Australia India Future Skills Initiative  - AIBX    The Australia India Future Skills Initiative will establish a new digital platform connecting Australian vocational education and training (VET) providers, Indian business, government, learners and employers.  - Last Modified 31 May 2022
  7. search file icon32. Australia India Innovation Network - AIBX    The Australian India Innovation Network will support Australian technology companies to access India’s rapidly growing innovation ecosystem and forge stronger links with customers, partners and investors in India.  - Last Modified 4 Mar 2022
  8. search file icon33. Australian wines make their presence felt in India - Latest from Austrade    Australian winemakers are growing their presence in India, where there is a growing market for higher-quality wines. Torbreck Vintners launched 6 wines in the mid-priced to premium range recently. Yalumba also launched new wines after securing a new importer with Austrade’s help.  - Last Modified 26 Nov 2021
  9. search file icon34. Researcher collaboration platform launched to support bilateral research engagement between Australia and India - Market insights    The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) and the Australia India Institute have launched the Australian Researcher Collaboration Hub–India (ARCH–India) to strengthen bilateral research collaboration and showcase research excellence in Australia and India.  - Last Modified 13 Sep 2021 MIP subscriber content
  10. search file icon35. Pathway program partnership opportunity with a leading university in western India - Opportunities    A western Indian university is seeking an Australian university partner. Opportunities exist to partner for a pathway program on specific areas, including; computer science, IT, management and applied sciences. Other collaborative interests include mobility programs (Summer/Winter semester exchanges) and short-term joint research projects and programs.  - Last Modified 2 Sep 2021 MIP subscriber content
  11. search file icon36. Unlocking Australia-India critical minerals partnership potential - Publications    This report highlights ways Australian companies and institutions can partner with India on critical minerals projects.  - Last Modified 26 Oct 2021
  12. search file icon37. Leggo’s launches classic Italian food brands in India via e-commerce - Success stories    Food manufacturer Simplot Australia has used e-commerce platforms to launch its Leggo’s brand of Italian themed pestos and sauces in India.  - Last Modified 15 Jul 2021
  13. search file icon38. Critical minerals to India - Industries    There are opportunities for Australian businesses to partner with India in critical minerals projects.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2021
  14. search file icon39. Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment launches the Australia India Business Exchange - Transcripts    Transcript for "Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment launches the Australia India Business Exchange" video.  - Last Modified 20 May 2021
  15. search file icon40. Premium food and beverage to India - Industries    There are opportunities for premium Australian products in India’s food and beverage sector.  - Last Modified 5 May 2021
  16. search file icon41. Leggo’s sauces launches in India as Australian brands continue to grow - Latest from Austrade    Australian food group, Simplot Australia, has launched its pasta and pizza sauces in India, despite the pandemic.  - Last Modified 26 Nov 2021
  17. search file icon42. Austrade helps Australian road-tech company accelerate into India - Success stories    Road safety technology company Acusensus is on a mission to reduce road deaths globally – and it recently cracked the Indian market.  - Last Modified 23 Apr 2021
  18. search file icon43. Personal care and cosmetics to India - Industries    There is strong potential for Australian exporters in India’s personal care and cosmetics sector. Find out about market size and trends.  - Last Modified 15 Apr 2021
  19. search file icon44. Doing business in India video  - Transcripts    Transcript for "Doing business in India video " video.  - Last Modified 16 Aug 2021
  20. search file icon45. India primed for growth as Australia links deepen - Economic analysis    No longer just ‘rising’, India is now a significant and influential global player. India has recorded strong economic growth over the past 4 decades to become world’s third largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP).  - Last Modified 26 Mar 2021
  21. search file icon46.  Insight - Fresh opportunities as electric vehicles power up in India - Insights    The Indian Government wants to accelerate the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its clean energy policy.  - Last Modified 29 Jan 2021
  22. search file icon47. Australia–India cyber partnership: New grants program kicks off - Latest from Austrade    Applications are now open for a new Australian Government grants program. The program aims to encourage collaboration on new cyber technologies between Australian and Indian organisations.  - Last Modified 26 Nov 2021
  23. search file icon48. Food and agribusiness to India - Industries    Australia’s ‘clean, green’ foods have a great brand reputation in India. There are also improved prospects for finding new customers, with an increase in e-commerce channels and supermarkets.  - Last Modified 15 Apr 2021
  24. search file icon49. Education to India - Industries    India’s education market is large. There is growing demand for high-quality education and skills training.  - Last Modified 29 Mar 2021
  25. search file icon50. Market in focus – India - Austrade update    Austrade has put together a ‘market in focus’ series, kicking off with India. This is a curation of new and existing resources for the sector that can help you better understand the Indian market. This is a new initiative we are trialling, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.  - Last Modified 29 Nov 2022