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  1. search file icon51. Mining and resources to India - Industries    Privatisation and policy reform are transforming India’s mining and resources sector. Demand is strong as domestic consumption drives output.  - Last Modified 25 Nov 2020
  2. search file icon52. Infrastructure to India - Industries    The Indian government’s National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) sets out opportunities for key greenfield and brownfield projects across economic and social infrastructure sub sectors.  - Last Modified 25 Nov 2020
  3. search file icon53. Healthcare to India - Industries    India’s healthcare sector is growing fast. Driving demand are: rising income, increased health awareness and easy access to insurance.  - Last Modified 1 Apr 2021
  4. search file icon54. Online strategy drives growth for Australian icon, Swisse, in India  - Success stories    E-commerce is a game-changer for Australian brands exporting consumer goods to India. With the help of Austrade advisors in Melbourne and New Delhi, the supplements icon, Swisse, launched with Amazon India in February 2020, driving strong sales growth across the subcontinent.  - Last Modified 20 Oct 2020
  5. search file icon55. A new National Education Policy for India - Market insights    India’s new National Education Policy 2020 aims to establish India as a global education leader and provides opportunities for Australia to help develop a world class system.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2020 MIP subscriber content
  6. search file icon56. Mineral Technologies shares secrets of success in India - Success stories    Mineral Technologies reveals seven success factors for its flourishing business in India.  - Last Modified 27 Jul 2020
  7. search file icon57. Berton Vineyards looks to India for new opportunities - Success stories    Berton Vineyards was founded in 1996 by Bob Berton, who is also the Managing Director. The winery is based in the New South Wales rural township of Yenda, in the Riverina wine-growing region around 550 kilometres southwest of Sydney.  - Last Modified 17 Jul 2020
  8. search file icon58. Deakin University shows how long-term investment in India pays dividends - Success stories    Deakin University’s partnership with IIT Madras highlights how a multi-faceted approach to the market yields positive results.  - Last Modified 21 Jan 2020
  9. search file icon59. San Remo creates an appetite for Australian pasta in India - Success stories    San Remo, the privately owned pasta and speciality foodmaker, sees increasing demand and retail sophistication as key to its growth plans for India.  - Last Modified 2 Dec 2019
  10. search file icon60. Applications for the Australia India Strategic Research Fund now open - Opportunities    The Australia India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) supports collaborative research projects between Australia and India. Under the current Round 12, $5 million funding is available over three years.  - Last Modified 11 Sep 2019 MIP subscriber content
  11. search file icon61. Online education opportunities in India - Market insights    Delivering higher education online in India is growing due to increasing demands on the Indian education system and the ability of remote, blended or part-time delivery methods to cater for a higher number of students. Some private universities are offering undergraduate and postgraduate e-learning courses to students. The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), operating under a specific regulatory framework, are leaders in online delivery as management and business content is often suited to out-of-classroom delivery.  - Last Modified 30 Aug 2019 MIP subscriber content
  12. search file icon62. India edtech market insights — webinar recording - Market insights    The Austrade South Asia team recently conducted a webinar on market insights in India in the edtech space. The webinar provided an overview on the edtech landscape in India and points for consideration for Australian edtech companies.  - Last Modified 27 Jun 2019 MIP subscriber content
  13. search file icon63. Financial development institution in India seeks joint research collaborations - Opportunities    A key Indian financial development institution for agriculture and rural development seeks joint research collaborations with Australian institutions.  - Last Modified 3 Apr 2019 MIP subscriber content
  14. search file icon64. Report on India Edtech Markets Insights released - Data    Austrade has released a report detailing edtech opportunities in India. These market insights outline the growth potential for edtech platforms and market appetite for development with Australian organisations focused on edtech in the in the Indian market.  - Last Modified 25 Feb 2019
  15. search file icon65. Institution in South India seeks certification programs in Big Data, IoT devices and hardware development - Opportunities    An institution in South India seeks certification programs in Big Data, IoT devices and hardware development for undergraduate and postgraduate students.  - Last Modified 2 Oct 2018 MIP subscriber content
  16. search file icon66. Emerging opportunities in online education in India - Market insights    New Indian government regulations opens up opportunities for Australian institutions to collaborate with higher education institutes and corporates in India to offer online programs.  - Last Modified 16 Aug 2018 MIP subscriber content
  17. search file icon67. Engineering college in South India seeks collaboration in joint student programs and 2 + 2 credit transfer - Opportunities    An autonomous engineering college in South India is seeking collaboration with Australian universities for joint exchange programs and 2 + 2 credit transfer for undergraduate students in the areas of automotive manufacturing, robotics and automation, textiles and fashion technology, software applications and biomedical engineering.  - Last Modified 27 Aug 2018 MIP subscriber content
  18. search file icon68. Technical and management institute in India seeks collaboration with Australian universities - Opportunities    A well-known technical and management institute from Mumbai is seeking to collaborate with Australian universities for student and faculty exchange, research collaborations, postgraduate programs and corporate training.  - Last Modified 30 Jul 2018 MIP subscriber content
  19. search file icon69. Capacity building opportunity for development sector in India - Opportunities    A public-funded research university in Mumbai is seeking an Australian partner to enhance learning outcomes for its students.  - Last Modified 30 Jul 2018 MIP subscriber content
  20. search file icon70. University in South India seeking collaborations in semester abroad, student exchange, faculty exchange and research - Opportunities    A science and technology institute in South India are seeking Australian universities to collaborate in the areas of engineering and technology (biotechnology and management).  - Last Modified 18 Jul 2018 MIP subscriber content
  21. search file icon71. University in South India seeks collaboration in faculty and student exchange, joint R&D and joint programs - Opportunities    A well-known university in South India is actively seeking to connect with Australian universities for the exchange of students and faculty, and to encourage joint research projects for the mutual benefit of partner universities.  - Last Modified 26 Jun 2018 MIP subscriber content
  22. search file icon72. Operation partners sought for management of community skill parks in South India - Opportunities    Expressions of interest are being sought for training service providers to deliver programs for 11 community skill parks in South India in multiple sectors, or as a Centre of Excellence in a single sector.  - Last Modified 25 May 2018 MIP subscriber content
  23. search file icon73. Autonomy granted to 60 higher education institutions in India - Market insights    Last month, India’s regulator for higher education granted more autonomy to 60 higher education institutions that have maintained relatively high academic standards. This is part of a government strategy to improve the quality of institutions and demand in India, in order to increase enrolments. This will open several opportunities for Australian institutions looking to strengthen their ties with India.  - Last Modified 16 Apr 2018 MIP subscriber content
  24. search file icon74. Vocational institute partners sought for pre-career school course in India - Opportunities    Austrade is seeking expressions of interest from Australian TAFEs and vocational institutes interested in partnering with a training, research and publication organisation for a pre-career course for schools.  - Last Modified 22 Feb 2018 MIP subscriber content
  25. search file icon75. Commercial developer in India seeks alliance with Australian VET providers - Opportunities    A well-known commercial real estate developer is seeking alliance with Australian VET providers in the construction, hospitality and retail sectors. The organisation would like to explore collaboration with skills training providers in order to impart globally recognised skill-based training.  - Last Modified 16 Feb 2018 MIP subscriber content