Overview: the Simplified Trade System

The Simplified Trade System reforms build on the considerable work that has already been undertaken, and is being progressed, by business and Australian government agencies. We’ve listened to previous consultations, and want to elevate and accelerate this work. 


As part of the Simplified Trade System, we will:

  • undertake comprehensive reviews of regulatory processes and ICT systems affecting Australia’s cross-border goods trade 
  • coordinate and align delivery of existing Simplified Trade System measures
  • identify opportunities for future regulatory reform and for a more integrated investment approach across trade systems
  • coordinate delivery of a whole-of-government digital service for import and export interactions


The Simplified Trade System will cover both the import and export journey. 


Focus areas

To streamline trade processes for Australian businesses, the Simplified Trade System will focus on:

  • Business experience
  • Digital and ICT
  • Data
  • Regulation
  • Funding
  • Workforce