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pdf icon 2016 International Aid Seminar - World Bank presentation World Bank presentation at 2016 International Aid Business Opportunities Seminar 4460 24/11/16 Event presentation
pdf icon Screen Production capability statement This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in the screen production industry, including examples of some of the many companies with specialist expertise. 2182 14/11/16 Reports and analysis
pdf icon Gender diversity in mining The 30% Club launched in the UK in 2010 with a goal of achieving a minimum of 30% women on FTSE-100 boards-currently the figurestand at 26% up from 12.5%. Accelerated progress has been achieved through the leadership of our member Chairs and CEOs. 1132 08/11/16 None
pdf icon Ozmine 2016 Innovation & Resilience Ozmine is a key platform for Australian METS and mining companies to grow their business in Indonesia, understand the market, and showcase their products. 1821 08/11/16 None
pdf icon Investment in Australian Resources and Energy Australia’s vast mineral and petroleum reserves underpin its status asa global leader in resources and energy. There are significant exploration opportunities, a healthy pipeline of committed projects and growing demand for renewables and energy efficient technologies. Investors can collaborate with and enter the global supply chains of the world’s largest mining, oil and gas companies, and participate in world-class researchand development. 2048 08/11/16 None
pdf icon Mining for talent 2015: A review of women on boards in the mining industry 2012 – 2014 Women in Mining (UK) (‘WIM (UK)’) is a 1300 strong women’s professional association formed in 2006. Our members represent an incredibly diverse range of areas and professions within the mining industry. Together, we work to promote and progress the employment, retention and professional development of women in the mining sector. WIM (UK)’s role includes advocacy – informing industry participants and decision-makers of both the opportunities and the challenges experienced by women pursuing careers in the mining sector. 5795 08/11/16 None
pdf icon Advancing women in mining and resources in Singapore The objective of this research was to better understand the Women in Mining and Resources (WIMAR) Singapore membership demographics, in particular how women came to join the industry, their career goals, potential barriers, and views on the perception of the industry in Singapore. 1577 08/11/16 None
pdf icon eCommerce to Japan webinar presentation eCommerce to Japan webinar presentation 3845 07/11/16 None
pdf icon 2016 Webinar presentation: How-to-sell-on-Rakuten-Ichiba-in-Japan 2016 Webinar presentation: How-to-sell-on-Rakuten-Ichiba-in-Japan 3416 03/11/16 None
pdf icon Files created between 1 January 2016 and 30 June 2016 Files created between 1 January 2016 and 30 June 2016 78 24/10/16 None
pdf icon Investment opportunities in digital technologies in Australia With 25 years of consecutive growth, globally significant industries and a track record of excellence in research and development (R&D), Australia offers growth opportunities for foreign investment in digital technologies. 3202 20/10/16
pdf icon Free Trade Agreement Training Provider Grant 2016-17 presentation Event presentation for Free Trade Agreement Training Provider Grant 2016-17. 394 12/10/16 Event presentation
pdf icon Webinar 2016 Vietnam Water Industry Webinar presentation for Vietnam Water Industry and VietWater 2016 1810 30/09/16 None
pdf icon Myanmar Food Service/Food Retail Market Insights webinar Myanmar Food Service/Food Retail Market Insights webinar – Wednesday 28 September 2016 1224 29/09/16 None
pdf icon Australian startup spearheads mobile location services Bluedot Innovation’s mobile platform is advancing location-based services, payments and mobile commerce. 92 23/09/16
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