Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for exporters. Each year it helps some 4,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to start or expand their export business.

EMDG is changing

In September 2020, the Government decided to implement all the reforms recommended by an independent review (PDF 7.83MB). These reforms simplify and reorient EMDG from a reimbursement model to grant program.

EMDG will be more flexible and responsive to the needs of exporting businesses. It will be simpler for applicants and will provide greater certainty about how much funding grantees will receive.

When will the reoriented EMDG program start?

The changes to EMDG will start from 1 July 2021, but there will be a period of overlap with the previous reimbursement model. The details of how this overlap will work are still being determined. Further details about EMDG after 1 July 2021 can be found here.

The best way to stay up to date is by subscribing to Austrade’s EMDG Update.

What if I incur eligible expenses before 1 July 2021?

If you have eligible expenses for the financial year ending 30 June 2021, the process remains unchanged. This means you will be able to seek reimbursement of your promotional expenses incurred during 2020–21 in the usual way. Applications for expenses incurred prior to 30 June 2021 will be open from 1 July 2021.

COVID-19 response

In 2020–21 EMDG’s export performance requirements were waived, ensuring reimbursements for businesses would not be reduced if their export income fell due to COVID-19. Further, the Initial Payment Ceiling Amount (IPCA) was set at $100,000, its highest level since 1997–98, and a significant increase from the $40,000 IPCA set for the past five years.

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