EMDG from 1 July 2021

The EMDG program now provides upfront funding certainty so you know how much you will receive over the life of your grant agreement (2 or 3 years) and you can plan your promotional activities with confidence.

Types of grants

Small to medium enterprise (SME) exporters can apply for 3 different grants over 8 years (not necessarily consecutively) for eligible promotional activities.

Grants are available in 3 stages, called tiers. Each tier provides a different level of support to SMEs as they grow their export markets:

Tier 1: Ready to export

  • First time exporters
  • Maximum 2 years and maximum $40,000 per financial year

Tier 2: Expanding

  • Expanding your export promotion activities
  • Maximum 3 years and maximum $80,000 per financial year

Tier 3: Expanding and strategic shift

  • Expanding your export promotion activities AND making a strategic shift, for example targeting a new market or a new type of customer
  • Maximum 3 years and maximum $150,000 per financial year

Representative body

  • Maximum 3 years
  • Maximum $150,000 per financial year 

Assistance for representative bodies

Assistance for industry bodies and alliances (representative bodies) extends to helping members who are new to export to become export ready. Industry bodies and alliances will continue to have access to financial assistance for promotional activities on behalf of their members in international markets, with grants of up to $150,000 per year.

Industry bodies and alliances are known as Representative Bodies.

EMDG governing documents

From 1 July 2021, EMDG is governed by 3 documents:

Process for receiving a grant

From 1 July 2021 the EMDG program will become an eligibility-based grants program.

  • You apply for a grant before you spend money on promotional activities.
  • Once all applications have been assessed, Austrade offers a grant agreement to each eligible applicant.
  • You enter into a grant agreement with Austrade. You then undertake your promotional activities as agreed in the grant agreement.
  • You request milestone payments in accordance with your grant agreement.
  • Your grant agreement will set out when your milestone payments should be made and what you need to do to receive these payments.

Application dates

You can apply for a grant under the EMDG program for eligible expenses incurred from 1 July 2021.

Grant applications open between 9am AEST on 16 August and close 5pm AEDT on 30 November 2021.

Application period

In the first year, the application period is 3.5 months with a new, simplified application process. This will allow applicants time to understand the new program. Austrade will review this process once complete and adjust it for future rounds if needed. The timing of payments is determined by your grant agreement. You must provide us with a milestone report as set out in your grant agreement before we make a milestone payment.

Once all applications have been received, Austrade will calculate the distribution of available funds for all eligible applications. Following assessment, if you are eligible, you will receive a grant agreement that will tell you how much your grant is for. Your obligation is to match, at a minimum, the dollar value of the grant monies you receive.