What does exporting mean?

We will interpret exporting broadly.

A good indication that you are exporting is evidence of having exported recently (with 1 July 2020 a sound indicator of you having exported recently).

We will also consider other evidence including:

  • Contracts in place with offshore buyers
  • Agreement or memorandums of understanding with offshore buyers to sell or market your product
  • Evidence of current negotiations with offshore buyers for the sale of your products
  • Evidence (whether in your plan to market or otherwise) to show you are currently actively engaged in exporting, for example of active customer engagement with a realistic prospect of resulting sales (as demonstrated by evidence such as the capacity to produce and deliver your export product)
  • Any other evidence

Each application will be judged on its merits and the individual circumstances of the applicant. This should not be taken as a guarantee that your application will be assessed as satisfying this requirement of the EMDG legislation. However, your explanation will be considered as part of the overall application assessment process.

Example – resuming exporting

An inbound tourism provider has received 4 EMDG grants and wishes to apply for pre-approval in 2021-22 for 2022–23 and beyond. In 2021-22 they will not have had an export sale or carried out much marketing activity since pre-COVID.

The applicant intends to commit extensive marketing resources into re-establishing their presence in their traditional markets from 2022-23.


Pre-approval is not available. The multi-year EMDG grants give up-front funding certainty to successful applicants over the period of their grant agreement.

Further grant rounds will be offered in future years. This applicant can apply in 2022-23. The 2022-23 EMDG grant round will cover expenses for promotional activities undertaken from 1 July 2022.


Eligibility for Tier 2 depends on what the business is doing at the time of applying, and what they propose to do in their plan to market.

Whether or not the business is exporting forms part of the Section 9 decision (see How do we assess eligibillity), based on the information provided in the application on their export history and current activities.

As the applicant intends to commit extensive marketing in 2022-23 they can show they are exporting. This is most easily achieved through the plan to market which will show what they intend to do from 2022-23 and any other activities they have undertaken to put that plan into motion.


Presuming they are found to be exporting eligible products, the business should also be able to demonstrate they are expanding their marketing in an existing market as they are planning to re-establish their presence in their traditional markets.