The Caravan Parks Grant Program is open to privately-owned caravan parks. This is for developing new infrastructure or park assets. It can also be used for significant enhancements that build on existing infrastructure. 

Who is eligible?

Eligible privately-owned caravan parks must:

  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be a legal entity that operates a caravan park within Australia with 40 or more powered sites used for short-term visitor accommodation. Powered sites refer to caravan or camping sites and cabins. Permanent accommodation or long-term sites do not count towards this number.
  • be solvent
  • have an account with an Australian financial institution located within Australian territorial boundaries
  • hold public liability insurance and other relevant insurance to cover the project.

Successful applicants must:

  • hold an ABN
  • be solvent
  • have public liability and other relevant insurance to cover the project at all times while you are a grantee.

Applicants who own or operate multiple caravan parks

Applicants who own more than one caravan park can apply for multiple grants at different sites up to a total value of $300,000. The grants can be for similar projects at each site, or different projects and different grant amounts at each site.

Applicants applying for multiple grants must:  

  • meet eligibility criteria and project criteria across all sites
  • submit separate applications for each site
  • provide the structure of their organisation, clearly showing how the multiple parks fit into the structure.   

Who is not eligible?

Applicants are not eligible if they are: 

  • a Commonwealth, state, territory or local government agency or body 
  • an individual or sole trader  
  • a partnership  
  • an unincorporated association  
  • a trust (however, an incorporated trustee may apply on behalf of a trust). 

Eligible projects

Applicants must show that projects:

  • have funding available to match the dollar-for-dollar (or more) expenditure requirement
  • will be complete by 15 May 2024.

The grant funding amount must be matched on a dollar-for-dollar (or more) basis. This depends on the turnover of the caravan park from the 2021-22 financial year:

  • under $10 million, matched funding will be dollar for dollar (1:1)
  • $10 million or more, matched funding will be two for every dollar provided by Government (2:1).

Turnover is the total ordinary income that you derive in the income year in the course of running your caravan park. The turnover amounts are based on your caravan park not your business turnover if you own or operate multiple parks.

Projects must focus mainly on direct benefit towards short-term visitor accommodation and/or facilities and:  

  • deliver new infrastructure/assets, or  
  • significantly enhance an existing asset.

Eligible activities

Examples of eligible new or upgraded infrastructure projects include: 

  • developing new caravan/camping sites
  • increasing the number of powered sites
  • installing new cabins or substantial renovations of existing cabins
  • installing new or upgraded recreational facilities
  • installing new or upgraded visitor amenities
  • upgrading sites, cabins or amenities to make them more accessible, environmentally friendly or reduced carbon impact.

What activities are not eligible

The following activities are not eligible: 

  • administration costs used for project resources including:
    • advertising and recruitment
    • project management
    • staff training and development
  • costs incurred prior to an executed grant agreement
  • costs of purchasing, leasing or depreciation of land  
  • IT assets, IT software, office furniture or equipment   
  • loans, debt financing, financing cost, including interest and bank fees  
  • maintenance or general repair costs   
  • marketing or promotional advertising costs 
  • projects better suited to other Commonwealth or state/territory grant programs
  • projects already funded by other Commonwealth or state/territory government grant programs
  • routine or business-as-usual operational expenses
  • site preparation activities which are not directly related to, or for, the main purpose of the project  
  • staff accommodation. 

This is a simplified outline of eligibility criteria. For full eligibility criteria, please refer to the program guidelines.

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