Caravan Parks Grants are between $10,000 and $100,000. Total funding is $10 million.  

The program provides successful applicants with funding for capital expenditure projects, which must be matched on a dollar-for-dollar (or more) basis.

Applicants who own or operate multiple parks can apply for multiple grants at different sites up to a total value of $300,000.

You must ensure you have adequate funds to meet the costs of any ineligible expenditure.

Grant agreements

We will enter into a grant agreement with you if your application is successful. The grant agreement will state:

  • the maximum grant amount we will pay
  • timing of milestones and grant payments
  • any financial contributions you must make
  • proportion of eligible expenditure covered by the grant (grant percentage).

Making payments

Payments are in line with an agreed schedule set out in the grant agreement. They are subject to satisfactory progress on the project.

Progress reports

You must submit reports in line with the grant agreement. We will remind you of your reporting obligations before a report is due.

Reports will include information on:

  • progress against agreed project milestones
  • project expenditure, including expenditure of grant funds
  • contributions of participants directly related to the project.

Your grant agreement will have details about what we require in the progress reports.

We will monitor the progress of your project. We will assess reports and may conduct site visits. This is to confirm details of your reports if necessary. We may need to re-examine claims or seek further information. We may request an independent audit of claims and payments.

Sample template

You can refer to this sample ‘Grant agreement’ template when preparing your report:

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