COVID-19 Consumer Travel Support

Status: applications for the multi-outlets grants program opened 6 October 2021 and close 3 November 2021, 4pm AEDT.

We administer the COVID-19 Consumer Travel Support Program (CTSP). It provides grants to eligible:

  • travel agents
  • tour arrangement service providers.

Grants for multi-outlet businesses

The government announced a multi-outlets grants program on 6 October. It is to further assist eligible travel agents due to ongoing impacts of COVID-19. This program forms part of Round Two of the CTSP.

Funding will allow for an additional payment for each additional eligible multi-outlet location. Grant payments are $10,000.

Application status

Rounds One and Two of the program are now closed. We are processing applications. The final date for appeals for rounds One and Two is 15 October 2021, or ten days after the claim outcome is finalised (whichever is later).

Multi-outlets program applications:

  • open on 6 October 2021
  • close on 3 November 2021, 4pm AEDT.

This grant opportunity is an extension of round two of the program.

Eligibility under the multi-outlets program

Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements. Key eligibility criteria includes that applicants must:

  • have received a grant under Round One or Round Two of the CTSP
  • be travel agents or tour arrangement service providers who have an Australian Business Number
  • have one or more specific outlets. An outlet is an additional physical retail or commercial shopfront location beyond your main location. The outlet(s) must continue to operate at the time of application.


Check the definition of an outlet in the CTSP Multi-outlet Guidelines (PDF 288KB) (DOCX 90KB).

How to apply

To apply you must:

We only accept applications:

We won’t assess late or incomplete applications. For more information please contact us.

Check the CTSP multi-outlets guidelines for more information.

More information


 Round One and Round Two CTSP information

If you are having difficulty accessing these documents, please contact us.

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