Develop your workforce

Governments and industry agreed that they need to work together on key reforms under Tourism 2020, including to develop a skilled tourism workforce to better service the visitor economy.

As part of future tourism planning post COVID-19 the government in partnership with industry will re-visit the needs of industry.

This page provides tourism businesses and regional planners with information on Australian Government programs, initiatives and resources to help with tourism workforce development needs.

This page also contains selected resources and strategies from the Tourism Employment Plan program which was rolled-out in eight regions across Australia. Many of these strategies are beneficial no matter where you are in Australia, as they have been developed in consultation with industry to find out what will work best and can be easily adapted for different regions.

  • Promote tourism careers

    Is there a lack of attractiveness and poor perception of tourism careers in your region/ business?
    Need to better promote tourism career pathways and opportunities?

  • Recruit local workers

    Having difficulty recruiting local workers into your business?
    Want to tap into under-represented labour sources to fill your labour needs?

  • Recruit overseas workers

    Having trouble recruiting local labour?
    Need to fill your skills needs with overseas workers?

  • Address seasonal labour needs

    Can’t find enough labour during the peak season?
    Does seasonality impact on your ability to hold on to workers in the low season?

  • Train and retain staff

    Do you have trouble holding onto good staff?
    Need to provide more training opportunities and career development?

  • Build industry capability

    Do you know what government and industry programmes are out there to help with your labour and skills needs?
    Need to work more collectively to respond to your region’s labour and skills needs?