Strategic priorities

These strategic priorities guide the delivery of quality trade and investment services to businesses and policy advice to the Australian Government.

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Date published 1 July 2023

The strategic priorities document outlines each Austrade strategic priority or focus area. It includes our commitments, objectives and activities to be undertaken in 2023-24.

About the strategic priority areas

Austrade’s strategic priorities for 2023-24 align with the Australian Government's 6 strategic priorities:

  1. Diversification - Broadening trade and investment across markets, sectors and business-types
  2. Net Zero - Supporting Australia’s decarbonisation transition
  3. Economic security - Deepening our strategic relationships and economic resilience
  4. First Nations - Supporting equitable economic ownership and growth for First Nations businesses and communities
  5. Visitor economy - Returning the visitor economy to long-term sustainable growth
  6. Trade modernisation - Improving cross-border trade and digital services.