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Status: Round 3 is closed

Austrade’s Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) program helps Australian businesses grow their exports in international markets. These grants encourage small to medium enterprises to market and promote their goods and services globally.

The EMDG program

We administer the government’s EMDG program. Since 1974, EMDG has assisted more than 51,000 unique small and medium size Australian businesses (SME) promote and market their products and services to more than 180 countries world-wide. Most of those SMEs received multiple grants across the years for up to 8 years.


EMDG is an eligibility-based, demand-driven program. This means all eligible applicants receive a grant from the available funds. We do not base grants on the maximum grant tier caps. The grant amount depends on the:

  • number of eligible applications in the round (referred to as demand)
  • available program budget shared among all eligible applicants.

More about eligibility.

Types of grants for exporters

Grants are for eligible promotional activities undertaken by small to medium sized exporters and representative bodies. Small to medium enterprise (SME) exporters can apply for grants over 8 years in total (not necessarily consecutively). Representative bodies have no maximum grant years. Grants for businesses are available in 3 tiers with each providing a different level of support for SMEs as they grow their export markets. The tiers are:

  1. Ready to export
  2. Exporting and expanding
  3. Exporting, expanding and strategic shift.

Businesses don’t have to start at Tier 1 and progress to Tier 2 and 3. They can apply for any grant tier at any time depending on the business need.

The lengths of these grants reflect the different stages of an exporter’s journey. We will issue grant agreements in Round 3 for 1 year. There is a possibility of extension subject to the availability of funds, and the maximum allowable grant term for the relevant tier under the EMDG Rules. Businesses can still access EMDG grants for up to 8 years.

More about Types of grants.

How to apply for a grant

The EMDG program bases criteria on eligibility, not competition. All eligible applicants receive a grant. The process is as follows:

  1. Apply for a grant for eligible promotional activities you plan to undertake.
  2. After all applications are considered, Austrade offers a grant agreement to each eligible applicant.
  3. If you agree, you enter into a grant agreement with Austrade. Grant agreements will clarify the maximum funding amounts per financial year over the term of your grant agreement.
  4. You lodge a milestone report to request milestone payments as per your grant agreement. Your grant agreement will state:

More about How to apply

When we make grant payments

We set the timing of grant payments by your grant agreement. Your grant agreement will state when you should provide your milestone report.

More about Grant payments

How we distribute funds

EMDG is an eligibility based, demand driven program. This means all eligible applicants will receive a grant from the available funds. Austrade will calculate how much funding will be given to all eligible applications based on the demand in that round. Each eligible applicant will receive a grant agreement with the grant amount approved.

You must match the dollar value of the grant monies you receive (this means you must spend double the grant amount to receive the grant).

More about Grant amounts

Previous EMDG reimbursement scheme

The current eligibility-based, demand-driven program replaced the previous EMDG reimbursement scheme. The previous scheme closed permanently on 30 June 2022.

Applicants or agents in the previous scheme can check their historical application details using the EMDG online portal. For enquiries, contact EMDG.help@austrade.gov.au.

Grant round updates

Round 1: Applications closed

Milestone reports

The next opportunity for Round 1 and 2 grantees to provide milestone reports for expenditure incurred in the 2022-23 financial year will likely be from July 2023. In line with feedback, we are working towards providing a broader window for report submission. We will provide further details once known.

Please remember that we must assess your milestone report before we can pay you. We will assess milestone reports in the order we receive them. Inaccurate bank account details will cause delays in payments so please keep this up to date.


For Round 1, we have made almost all payments to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 grantees, and Representative Body for eligible expenditure incurred in 2021-22.

As at 12 May 2023, 4,718 Round 1 grantees had been paid $121.5 million in total. The remaining Round 1 grantees will be paid progressively over the coming weeks where milestone requirements have been met

Round 2: Applications closed

We have let most applicants know the outcome of their application. The Round 2 application period was open for 6 weeks and closed on 17 August 2022.

Grant agreements

As at 12 May 2023, 2,529 Round 2 grant agreements have been executed. This is 91.6% per cent of total Round 2 applications approved (2,762).

Milestone reports

The next milestone report for Round 1 and Round 2 grantees for expenditure incurred in the 2022-23 financial year is due on 31 October 2023. 


Please note that we must assess your milestone report before we can pay you. The online portal will likely open for milestone reports from 1 July 2023, and we will assess milestone reports in the order we receive them. Austrade will endeavour to provide payment as soon as possible following assessment and approval of the milestone report. Inaccurate bank account details will cause payments to be delayed so please keep this up to date.

Round 3: Applications closed

We are currently assessing Round 3 applications and advising applicants of the outcome.

Grant Agreements

Eligible applicants will be offered a grant agreement expected to start being issued from early June. If eligible you will be notified by email when your grant agreement is issued. Read more about accepting a grant agreement.

View these videos to learn more:

Read more about these grants in the EMDG Round 3 Information session (DOCX357KB) held on 1 March 2023 for new and returning applicants.

Changes in Round 3 include the following:

  • Grant agreements will be for 1 year with a possibility of extension subject to the availability of funds. This is to ensure we can better manage the available funding in future.
  • We have updated the definition of strategic shift for Tier 3 grantees, based on feedback that the definition needed to be clearer and to focus on market diversification.
  • Austrade requires businesses meet their taxation obligations and comply with all relevant Australian Taxation Office (ATO) legislation, rulings, and guidelines. During the assessment process we may ask businesses to provide evidence they have satisfied their tax obligations.We will use this information as part of the application assessment.


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