International Diversification Strategy for Australia’s visitor economy – consultation

Understanding the challenges and opportunities facing visitor economy businesses considering market diversification.

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Status: The consultation period has now closed.

Austrade wants to understand the challenges and opportunities facing visitor economy businesses considering market diversification. We are seeking input and feedback. 

Diversification is a central pillar of THRIVE 2030, the long-term strategy for the nation’s visitor economy.  

THRIVE 2030 aims to:

  • sustainably grow the tourism sector to $230 billion in annual visitor spend by 2030  
  • improve the sector’s resilience. 

To support this, we are leading development of an international diversification strategy for the visitor economy.  

The role of diversification

International diversification in the visitor economy means attracting visitors from more international markets and market segments. A broad and balanced portfolio of source markets and market segments is required. This will build a more resilient visitor economy in coming decades.  

Diversification will build resilience through:

  • developing new markets 
  • attracting a more diverse range of visitors from different markets and market segments 
  • growing unique, inclusive and high-quality products, including First Nations tourism experiences. 

Discussion paper 

We will work with the sector to develop the strategy. We have published a discussion paper to guide industry and stakeholder feedback.

The paper: 

  • summarises Australia’s international visitation since 2010 
  • discusses the rationale for diversifying the visitor economy
  • outlines opportunities and barriers to diversification 
  • seeks ideas to improve products and experiences
  • presents early findings on opportunities in potential new markets and market segments  
  • poses questions for industry feedback.   

Download the discussion paper

Why your views matter 

Your feedback will inform development of an International Diversification Strategy for the Visitor Economy.  

Visitor economy stakeholders can give us input and feedback on the diversification challenges and opportunities they face. We are committed to seeking and understanding these views. 

Give feedback  

The consultation period closed on 13 July 2023 (11:59 pm AEST).

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 THRIVE 2030 Strategy


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