Flow Systems

Smart Cities Case Study: July 2018

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Flow provides state-of-the-art recycled water systems that reuse wastewater from homes, apartments and businesses, creating self-sustaining micro ecosystems within communities.

Flow delivered a recycled water network for an iconic building in Sydney with living exterior walls. Built in the basement of the CBD residential building, Central Park Water is the biggest membrane bioreactor recycled water facility in the world.

Central Park’s recycled water network harnesses multiple water sources (stormwater, carpark drainage, sewerage etc.) and creates multiple water supplies, covering all the community’s water requirements. The system services approximately 5,000 residents and more than 15,000 workers and visitors daily across 14 high rise buildings in the precinct.

Flow has also partnered with a developer to install one of the world’s largest high-rise roof top solar panel systems for residential master-planned community development The Orchards, located in north-western Sydney. This technology will deliver 1GWh of free solar power to the community’s common areas each year. Similar to the Central Park project, Flow will also establish a local water utility in The Orchards precinct to enhance economic efficiencies and bundle energy services, allowing residents to save up to 35 per cent on bills.

International developers looking to decrease cost of living and increase property value using renewable energy should get in touch with Flow.

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