Smart Cities Case Study: November 2017

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Neighbourlytics delivers citizen-centric insights for urban development.

Neighbourlytics is helping transform cities with data-driven insights on social connectedness and community values that enable informed place-making decisions.

This Melbourne-based startup provides city-makers globally with the data to plan, design and manage urban places, by digitally engaging citizens to provide insights into local neighbourhood identity, population and lifestyle. 

Urban development decisions are generally made without useful community intelligence, resulting in isolated suburbs and public spaces that lack personality, culture and human connection. Neighbourlytics solves this problem with live data feeds drawn from social and crowdsourced data, to enable specific, real-time insights into local places. 

Neighbourlytics was selected from over 800 applications to join BlueChilli’s She Starts accelerator program and has since secured partnerships with major urban development leaders; Frasers Property, Lend Lease, Greater Sydney Commission, University of New South Wales and San Francisco City Council. 

Having piloted small-scale community projects in Australia’s most liveable city – Melbourne – Neighbourlytics is now being used in the US, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Neighbourlytics’ fast, simple process provides users with access to their reports within days rather than waiting weeks for commissioned consultant work. Urban developers, city councils and property managers are using Neighbourlytics insights to compare performance across portfolios, benchmark projects against other locations, shortcut site analysis processes and inform community engagement strategies. 

By supporting city-makers with citizen-centric insights and social analytics, Neighbourlytics is empowering data-driven decision-making to create smart and connected cities of the future.

“We are on a journey to continually improve the way we build communities, to gain a better understanding of community insights so that we can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Neighbourlytics will ideally prove an important testing ground for us to consider as we continue on this journey.” – Frasers Property. 

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