Place Design Group

Smart Cities Case Study: July 2018

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In partnership with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), Smart Cities Council (SCC) and the Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA), Place Design Group conceptualised and designed ‘Future Street’ – delivering a real-life experience of a potential street from the future.

The project visually showcased innovative ideas around how landscape, infrastructure and technology can intersect and make public spaces greener, more complete and smarter.

The conceptual design featured propositions about each of these as standalone ‘sections’, representing how the future may look in response to opportunities created by autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, smart city technology, urban agriculture and landscape imperatives, and potential retail offerings.

The installation invited Sydney locals, government and industry professionals on a journey from the current street to the future street with cars removed, prioritising people and nature to reclaim and enjoy public spaces.

Place Design Group built a physical street from the future, but what emerged was a social street, a unifying place that encouraged discussion on how different industries can leverage from one another’s knowledge, and ultimately progress towards making ‘Future Street’ a reality.

Place Design Group is Australian owned and managed and has teams in Australia, China and South East Asia. The company’s suite of services include landscape architecture, urban design, town planning, visualisation and communication services that integrate technology into the built environment.

Place Design Group together with the SCC have developed a Future Street workshop to teach other city leaders how to deliver a project like this using local technology providers in their cities.

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