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Smart Cities Case Study: November 2017

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Solar Bins Australia delivers world-leading smart waste management solutions

By placing sensors in rubbish bin lids and combining them with Internet of Things technology, Solar Bins Australia has developed a world-leading solution for efficient and sustainable waste management operations.

Solar Bins provides sensors and solar compactors that can monitor the fill-level rates, temperature and fullness of rubbish bins. These devices alert waste collectors when bins are 80 per cent full and require collecting. The data from the devices is sent to a waste management dashboard and mobile phone app to provide analytics and reports for waste managers.

In 2017, Solar Bins Australia deployed Bigbelly, its solar-powered waste compactors, along the iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This improved waste collection efficiency, increased deep-waste data capture and reduced public complaints. As the first smart waste tender to be released in Australia, Solar Bins Australia’s work on the Great Ocean Road was the catalyst for communities to understand the benefits of smarter waste management and seek out technology solutions.

Solar Bins Australia has over 100 customers, from leading Australian Securities Exchange-listed organisations such as Telstra, Vicinity and Crown Resorts to major capital city councils such as City of Melbourne, City of Perth and the ACT Government. Solar Bins Australia has deployments with many of Australia’s leading metropolitan and regional councils and exploring export opportunities.

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